Dunlop MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal

Dunlop MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal

Straight away you can see this hardware is meant for tweakers: the protruding knobs and its arty circuitry design, and all before you've heard it. This is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes…

People who own an early Vox V847 or Cry Baby will be able to relate to having to pre-effect the wah-pedal in their daisy chain. Not so in this. Since Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics and the Cry Baby guys from Dunlop joined forces, they have been able to spruce circuitry giving it a custom designed CTS extended life low-noise potentiometer (brightness/presence control) and improve tone by incorporating a MXR MC401 Boost/LineDriver in the pedal.

You get two main knobs on the Dunlop MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal – one for turning the MXR circuitry on or off and the other for switching between the wah-tone itself. The ‘yellow fasel' (in relation to ‘red fasel') wah setting sounds very tinny indeed with a clean signal going through it. However if you refrain from using the MXR circuitry with high tone single-coil pickups and instead stick to humbuckers, the sound is sublime. Full and warm in heel and choppy in toe. It also responds well to a Tubescreamer or Big Muff.

Stage uses especially will dig this. There is no need to bend down and adjust anything as there are kickswitches on either side of the pedal. Another fantastic, no-brainer design feature are the LED readouts to let you know if functions are on. Simple but surprisingly pioneering in this effects area… It's hard to see why it has taken so long for effects manufacturers to realise how much free space was in a wah-wah pedal of times gone by. But it's here all the same, and I for one am thankful.

Dunlop MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal price start at around £180.00 so not the cheapest of wah pedals but it's certainly not the plainest.