Royer Labs, Musician’s Friend Reach Distribution Agreement

royerRoyer Labs and Musician's Friend are teaming up and acting as a dynamic duo to serve the needs of audio professionals around the land. Now an authorized dealer of Royer products, Musician's Friend will carry the full breadth of microphone products available from Royer Labs, most notably the SF- and R-Series of microphones. Royer Labs has long been renowned for their ribbon microphones, while Musician's Friend is considered a foremost online source for various musical gadgets and accessories.

John Jennings, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Royer Labs, had this to say on the deal, reached during January 2009: “As one of the premiere online retailers for musicians and audio professionals when shopping for equipment, Musician’s Friend makes the research and buying process simple and consistently provides an extremely comprehensive product selection. We’re thrilled to make Royer ribbons available through Musician’s Friend and we’re confident that it will be a successful venture for both companies.”

Royer hopes the inclusion of Musician's Friend as a partner will simplify the buying process for musicians and audio professionals everywhere, while simultaneously allowing the manufacturer to reach a broader audience than ever before. If nothing else however, the agreement will simply give all of us a bit more latitude in making online purchasing decisions. Royer Labs’ site is here, or you can get buying now at Musician’s Friend.

Source: Harmony Central