SPL Launches Five Products in Frankfurt


SPL (Sound Performance Lab) is announcing a bevy of new products today, ranging from high-end units to a software bundle that pulls on the tradition of their award-winning Analog Code plug-ins.

First up is the Auditor, a headphone amplifier that has its roots in SPL‘s 120V technology via the monitoring headphone amplifier Phonitor. Clear sound results from the Auditor can be experienced with dynamic headphones anywhere from 30 ohms on up.

Next, SPL‘s Cabulator is a unit that combines a speaker cabinet simulator with a variable power soak and D.I. box. Whether live or in the studio, musicians can rely on recording signal quality thanks to a fully torqued amp and the ability to simulate cabinet sound and record straight to a DAW.

SPL‘s new Frontliner presents the opportunity for analog plug-in processing stages, and the channel strip range is expanded thanks to a legitimate hi-end preamp and processing channel.

SPL hits the software too, with its first bundle of Analog Code plug-ins. The Full Ranger, Vox Ranger, Bass Ranger, TwinTube Processor, and Transient Designer are all now available for both Mac and PC. Ordering details can be found here.

Finally, the other news concerns SPL‘s proprietary modular system. The company is paving their way and creating a “first” by opening up their modular system, allowing API 500 compatible modules. Eight module slots constitute the SPL Rackpack 500, four each for both API 500 and SPL modules.

While the Analog Code Bundle is available starting now, the other items detailed won’t be shipping until May. Pricing details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Source: Sound Performance Lab