FuzzHugger Unveils Dual Footswitch AB-Synth

absynthFuzzHugger(fx) this week announced the second iteration of their AB-Synth fuzz pedal, the Dual Footswitch AB-Synth. The company believes this version provides superior workmanship and functionality, with an oscillation mode that provides main oscillation control through the Trip knob, with additional tuning contributed via Gain and Texture controls. The FuzzHugger Dual Footswitch AB-Synth is protected in an aluminum enclosure and features a 9V negative tip adapter power and true-bypass switching.

The oscillation toggle is designed for hands-free operation thanks to its relocation to a second footswitch, which offers up a second mode with tonal options ranging from compressed and discreet to wildly oscillating, as well as self-arpeggiation, blips, and fat octave down. Two footswitches allow for quick operation, with footswitch one providing power controls to the pedal, and footswitch two enabling and disabling oscillation mode at the musician’s discretion.

FuzzHugger’s Dual Footswitch AB-Synth
is currently in stock online and sells for $129.00, with an impressive five-year warranty standard. For more information, head on over to the official website’s AB-Synth sales page here. Also of note: the original AB-Synth (with one footswitch and one toggle) is now on sale for $120. It’s a small savings, but maybe attractive for some not needing the additional footswitch and looking to pocket a few extra bucks in this economy.

Source: FuzzHugger.com