TC Electronic Announces RS410 Bass Cabinet

TC Electronic RS410 bass cabinetTC Electronic this week announced the RS bass cabinet, a product designed to complement their RH450 bass amp and the existing RS range of cabinets, the RS210 and RS212.

The RS410 is an 8 Ohm, 600W cabinet that can take any bass player's loudness and power to an eleven while simultaneously providing the quick response time musicians demand. The RS410 is a 4 x 10 (plus High-Frequency driver) unit that TC Electronic promises will get the job done in any locale, whether on-location at a show or in the studio.

TC Electronic has also been trumpeting the stackability of the RS410, which allows it to be stacked with the other members of the RS family (the RS210 and RS212) and thus provide for some serious setups. When on its side, the RS410 can be stacked with the RS210 and RS212, and since the RH450 bass amp can drive three separate RS cabinets, the expanded utility of the RS cabinet line thanks to the inclusion of the RS410 is immediately obvious.

Other features of the RS410 include an adjustable center HF driver, two Speakon connectors, and an anti-scratch, anti-skid design (key for stacking). Pricing details aren't yet available, but TC Electronic will start shipping this cabinet model come June. For more information on the RS410 and associated cabinet announcements, head on over to

Source: TC Electronic