Shadow Electronics Releases Nanoflex-6 Pickup System

shadownanoflex6pickupShadow Electronics is announcing the culmination of three years of effort in R&D with its new hexaphonic pickup system for classical and acoustic guitar, the Nanoflex-6.

The new system is based upon Shadow's Nanoflex pickup technology and is the result of an extensive collaboration with a number of musicians, including Peter Bursch. Usually, undersaddle pickups lack individual volume controls per string and switching out strings can result in further volume balance issues, but Shadow's hexaphonic technology built into the Nanoflex-6 system saves the musician a lot of trouble in equalizing string volume.

The Nanoflex-6 pickup system allows for volume adjustment at the preamp, producing a balanced sound that unlike other undersaddle pickups senses both the body vibrations and string vibrations at the same time, thereby supplying the technological illusion of having an undersaddle pickup combined with a condenser-microphone. Other features of the Nanoflex-6 include a preamp chromatic tuner and mono output, as well as volume, bass, mid and treble control. Also, the string output is handled by a 6-pin jack that provides for latitude in playing styles as well as surround sound effects, with the possibility presented to allow for separate delay, chorus and loop effects to be mapped to each individual string.

The press release does not provide ordering details, but suggests those interested should visit

Source: Harmony Central