Roland Reveals FG Connect Project

Roland Corporation has been in the news recently with the latest addition to their V-Drum series, the TD-4S V-Compact Series, and now the company is announcing a new package of downloadable content specifically for owners of their Fantom-G series workstations. Available on their United States website, the FG Connects Project from Roland is designed to promote creativity within their Fantom-G owners via the inclusion of a variety of new pieces of content, including but not limited to new rhythm kits, rhythm patterns, chord memories, and a smattering of fresh arpeggio phrases.

Roland is quick to play the numbers game concerning the FG Connects Project release, citing the following specifically: 100 new chord memories that reproduce instrument style voicings with push-button simplicity, 128 edited arpeggio phrases running the gamut from guitar to keyboards, 600 rhythm patterns through the Fantom-G‘s Dynamic Pads, 8 Chord Memory sets, 32 Rhythm Pattern Sets, and more.

“The FG Connects download gives Fantom-G owners more tools to express their creativity,” says Product Marketing Manager Vince Laduca. “Users can trigger the new patterns, chords and re-tooled arpeggio phrases with the Fantom-G’s Dynamic Pads to accelerate and inspire their creative flow.”

It’s always good to see a company offering free content and updates to owners of their devices. Those interested can download the FG Connects Project for free through the Roland U.S. website here. Additionally, a full tour of the project’s special content can be accessed through YouTube.

Source: Music Gear Review