Hammond Ships Leslie Guitar Speakers

guitarleslieIt’s been a long time since Hammond produced a guitar-designed Leslie speaker. The 1960s, to be exact. However, the successors to the 60s guitar Leslie have hit with the G37 and G27 Leslie guitar speakers, which Hammond Executive VP Dennis Capiga calls “our baby”.

One third the weight and size of normal Leslie speakers (the new unit weighs in at about 85 pounds), both the G37 and G27 Hammond Leslie speakers have three distinguishing features over the traditional keyboard Leslie. A motor control that stops the rotors on the bottom in the same place each time and an optional gas pedal that provides user-controlled rotor speed are hallmarks of the new guitar Leslie design, and the new DC motors that drive the drum and horn no longer produce the same level of noise as previous Hammond Leslie speakers. Other features include a vintage 12″ full range speaker, guitar voiced horn driver, and in the case of the G37, a 100 watt channel-switching guitar amp (the G27 is powered by the user’s amp).

The new Leslies are also compatible for use with electric violins, harmonicas, melodions, electro-acoustic guitars, and vocals. Prototypes have been around for some time, but now both the G37 and G27 are shipping. Hammond currently lists the suggested retail price of the G37 at $1095. While Hammond makes it clear they consider this an attractive price point, we imagine only the most serious musicians need apply. For more information, visit hammond.com.

Source: Hammond.com