FuzzHugger Unveils Dual Footswitch AB-Synth

absynthFuzzHugger(fx) this week announced the second iteration of their AB-Synth fuzz pedal, the Dual Footswitch AB-Synth. The company believes this version provides superior workmanship and functionality, with an oscillation mode that provides main oscillation control through the Trip knob, with additional tuning contributed via Gain and Texture controls. The FuzzHugger Dual Footswitch AB-Synth is protected in an aluminum enclosure and features a 9V negative tip adapter power and true-bypass switching.

The oscillation toggle is designed for hands-free operation thanks to its relocation to a second footswitch, which offers up a second mode with tonal options ranging from compressed and discreet to wildly oscillating, as well as self-arpeggiation, blips, and fat octave down. Two footswitches allow for quick operation, with footswitch one providing power controls to the pedal, and footswitch two enabling and disabling oscillation mode at the musician’s discretion.

FuzzHugger’s Dual Footswitch AB-Synth
is currently in stock online and sells for $129.00, with an impressive five-year warranty standard. For more information, head on over to the official website’s AB-Synth sales page here. Also of note: the original AB-Synth (with one footswitch and one toggle) is now on sale for $120. It’s a small savings, but maybe attractive for some not needing the additional footswitch and looking to pocket a few extra bucks in this economy.

Source: FuzzHugger.com

SPL Launches Five Products in Frankfurt


SPL (Sound Performance Lab) is announcing a bevy of new products today, ranging from high-end units to a software bundle that pulls on the tradition of their award-winning Analog Code plug-ins.

First up is the Auditor, a headphone amplifier that has its roots in SPL‘s 120V technology via the monitoring headphone amplifier Phonitor. Clear sound results from the Auditor can be experienced with dynamic headphones anywhere from 30 ohms on up.

Next, SPL‘s Cabulator is a unit that combines a speaker cabinet simulator with a variable power soak and D.I. box. Whether live or in the studio, musicians can rely on recording signal quality thanks to a fully torqued amp and the ability to simulate cabinet sound and record straight to a DAW.

SPL‘s new Frontliner presents the opportunity for analog plug-in processing stages, and the channel strip range is expanded thanks to a legitimate hi-end preamp and processing channel.

SPL hits the software too, with its first bundle of Analog Code plug-ins. The Full Ranger, Vox Ranger, Bass Ranger, TwinTube Processor, and Transient Designer are all now available for both Mac and PC. Ordering details can be found here.

Finally, the other news concerns SPL‘s proprietary modular system. The company is paving their way and creating a “first” by opening up their modular system, allowing API 500 compatible modules. Eight module slots constitute the SPL Rackpack 500, four each for both API 500 and SPL modules.

While the Analog Code Bundle is available starting now, the other items detailed won’t be shipping until May. Pricing details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Source: Sound Performance Lab

Shadow Electronics Releases Nanoflex-6 Pickup System

shadownanoflex6pickupShadow Electronics is announcing the culmination of three years of effort in R&D with its new hexaphonic pickup system for classical and acoustic guitar, the Nanoflex-6.

The new system is based upon Shadow's Nanoflex pickup technology and is the result of an extensive collaboration with a number of musicians, including Peter Bursch. Usually, undersaddle pickups lack individual volume controls per string and switching out strings can result in further volume balance issues, but Shadow's hexaphonic technology built into the Nanoflex-6 system saves the musician a lot of trouble in equalizing string volume.

The Nanoflex-6 pickup system allows for volume adjustment at the preamp, producing a balanced sound that unlike other undersaddle pickups senses both the body vibrations and string vibrations at the same time, thereby supplying the technological illusion of having an undersaddle pickup combined with a condenser-microphone. Other features of the Nanoflex-6 include a preamp chromatic tuner and mono output, as well as volume, bass, mid and treble control. Also, the string output is handled by a 6-pin jack that provides for latitude in playing styles as well as surround sound effects, with the possibility presented to allow for separate delay, chorus and loop effects to be mapped to each individual string.

The press release does not provide ordering details, but suggests those interested should visit shadow-electronics.com.

Source: Harmony Central

TC Electronic Announces RS410 Bass Cabinet

TC Electronic RS410 bass cabinetTC Electronic this week announced the RS bass cabinet, a product designed to complement their RH450 bass amp and the existing RS range of cabinets, the RS210 and RS212.

The RS410 is an 8 Ohm, 600W cabinet that can take any bass player's loudness and power to an eleven while simultaneously providing the quick response time musicians demand. The RS410 is a 4 x 10 (plus High-Frequency driver) unit that TC Electronic promises will get the job done in any locale, whether on-location at a show or in the studio.

TC Electronic has also been trumpeting the stackability of the RS410, which allows it to be stacked with the other members of the RS family (the RS210 and RS212) and thus provide for some serious setups. When on its side, the RS410 can be stacked with the RS210 and RS212, and since the RH450 bass amp can drive three separate RS cabinets, the expanded utility of the RS cabinet line thanks to the inclusion of the RS410 is immediately obvious.

Other features of the RS410 include an adjustable center HF driver, two Speakon connectors, and an anti-scratch, anti-skid design (key for stacking). Pricing details aren't yet available, but TC Electronic will start shipping this cabinet model come June. For more information on the RS410 and associated cabinet announcements, head on over to tcelectronic.com.

Source: TC Electronic

Roland Reveals FG Connect Project

Roland Corporation has been in the news recently with the latest addition to their V-Drum series, the TD-4S V-Compact Series, and now the company is announcing a new package of downloadable content specifically for owners of their Fantom-G series workstations. Available on their United States website, the FG Connects Project from Roland is designed to promote creativity within their Fantom-G owners via the inclusion of a variety of new pieces of content, including but not limited to new rhythm kits, rhythm patterns, chord memories, and a smattering of fresh arpeggio phrases.

Roland is quick to play the numbers game concerning the FG Connects Project release, citing the following specifically: 100 new chord memories that reproduce instrument style voicings with push-button simplicity, 128 edited arpeggio phrases running the gamut from guitar to keyboards, 600 rhythm patterns through the Fantom-G‘s Dynamic Pads, 8 Chord Memory sets, 32 Rhythm Pattern Sets, and more.

“The FG Connects download gives Fantom-G owners more tools to express their creativity,” says Product Marketing Manager Vince Laduca. “Users can trigger the new patterns, chords and re-tooled arpeggio phrases with the Fantom-G’s Dynamic Pads to accelerate and inspire their creative flow.”

It’s always good to see a company offering free content and updates to owners of their devices. Those interested can download the FG Connects Project for free through the Roland U.S. website here. Additionally, a full tour of the project’s special content can be accessed through YouTube.

Source: Music Gear Review

Hammond Ships Leslie Guitar Speakers

guitarleslieIt’s been a long time since Hammond produced a guitar-designed Leslie speaker. The 1960s, to be exact. However, the successors to the 60s guitar Leslie have hit with the G37 and G27 Leslie guitar speakers, which Hammond Executive VP Dennis Capiga calls “our baby”.

One third the weight and size of normal Leslie speakers (the new unit weighs in at about 85 pounds), both the G37 and G27 Hammond Leslie speakers have three distinguishing features over the traditional keyboard Leslie. A motor control that stops the rotors on the bottom in the same place each time and an optional gas pedal that provides user-controlled rotor speed are hallmarks of the new guitar Leslie design, and the new DC motors that drive the drum and horn no longer produce the same level of noise as previous Hammond Leslie speakers. Other features include a vintage 12″ full range speaker, guitar voiced horn driver, and in the case of the G37, a 100 watt channel-switching guitar amp (the G27 is powered by the user’s amp).

The new Leslies are also compatible for use with electric violins, harmonicas, melodions, electro-acoustic guitars, and vocals. Prototypes have been around for some time, but now both the G37 and G27 are shipping. Hammond currently lists the suggested retail price of the G37 at $1095. While Hammond makes it clear they consider this an attractive price point, we imagine only the most serious musicians need apply. For more information, visit hammond.com.

Source: Hammond.com

Gibson Introduces Limited Run Tribal V

Gibson Limited Tribal VGibson is introducing the Tribal V, a contemporary-designed member of their USA 2009 Limited Run Series that hearkens back to the classic Flying V look. Available as of this month, the Tribal V will surely become a hot collector’s item, as a ridiculously scant number will be in production – a limited run of just 350.

Modern rockers will appreciate the uncovered ceramic-magnet humbucking pickups making up the Gibson’s core design. A 496R and 500T in the neck and bridge respectively sustain string definition while boosting output to its fullest. When pumped into a high-gain amp the output is even more powerful, the effect more dazzling. All this is paired with a factory mounted Kahler Tremolo system that, alongside the locking Grover kidney tuners and black graphite nut, provide for quite the range of effects.

The 22 fret, 24-3/4″ scale length neck instrument also features some snazzy looks, with a mahogany body and neck doused with a white finish, and a body bearing the Limited Run’s distinctive tribal art pattern, which will no doubt draw the eyes of all in the room. Black chrome hardware and mounting rings in contrasting white round out the impressive look.

Only die hard musicians or serious collectors need apply – or in other words, those with a fat wallet. Each Gibson Tribal V comes equipped with a hardshell case with white interior and black exterior, but it all comes at quite the cost. Gibson isn’t publishing how much, but those looking to get their hands on a Tribal V should contact their local authorized Gibson dealer. It sure is a beautiful yet fierce instrument, isn’t it?

Source: Gibson.com