B.C. Rich Guitars Double Neck Bich

B.C. Rich Guitars Double Neck Bich
After a week off we com back with one beautiful guitar, a double-neck guitar made with B.C. Rich that mixes one of the classic B.C. Rich designs with the classic double-neck configuration (6- and 12-string necks) and the neck through construction that this company uses many years ago and provides a great sound. The B.C. Rich Guitars Double Neck Bich is noted for the 6 Grover Super Rotomatic tuners that are located at the end of the body that complements the 6 tuners located in the headstock (obviously this is only for the 12-string neck) but also for the big number of controls located in the guitar.

The features of the B.C. Rich Guitars Double Neck Bich mahogany body with bevel top, ebony fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets, 24 5/8″ scale length, B.C. Rich Quads bridge, 4 (2 per neck) Rockfield Mafia humbucker pickups, and here’s where the confusion starts (only joking) with 1 neck selection switch, 4 volume and 2 tone controls (2 and 1 per neck, respectively), 2 3-way pickup switches and 2 mini toggles for coil tap (on both pickups), 1 mini reverse phase and 1 varitone knob, these three last controls only for the 6-string part.

Although double-neck guitars are known not to be the most comfortable guitars I’d love to play this one, and if it sounds the same as it looks like, the trans red finish is really cool, I’d consider buying it. Neither the B.C. Rich Guitars Double Neck Bich price nor release date have been announced yet.

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