Roland Cube-80X Guitar Amp

Roland Cube-80x Guitar AmpAnother interesting release that has been unveiled at Winter NAMM show is the Cube-80X from Roland that expands the Cube product line (which already had models like the Cube Street amp or the Cube-R amp). The amp has been based on the Cube-60 model but is specifically designed for those who think that the Cube line lacked of power, it also comes with some built-in amp models like acoustic sim, DLX combo, r-fier stack, …

The Roland Cube-80X Guitar Amp features 80-watt power output, 2 channels (clean and lead),
digital amp emulation with 10 COSM amps and selector switch, built-in effects (spring reverb and delay, that can be played simultaneously), built-in tuner, 12″ speaker, volume, presence and gain controls, 3-band EQ, bright, effect (to apply chorus, flanger, phaser or tremolo) and solo switches and aux input to play along an mp3 player.

This amp, which also ready to be manipulated via an external footswitch, is powered by a DC adapter that reduces its portability a little bit. The price and release date of the Roland Cube-80X Guitar Amp have not been unveiled yet.

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