Joe Satriani new signature amp and effects

Peavey JSX 50 Joe Satriani Signature Amp
Now that the Winter NAMM show is over it’s our turn to show the most interesting updates on the music market, and one of the most interesting ones are the signature releases by Joe Satriani on two companies that already have worked with him, so the result can only be excellent (theoretically). Both products will be available next month so stay tuned to hear when or definitive prices, but that will be later now let’s take a look at the features.

The first product unveiled by this tandem is the Peavey JSX 50 Guitar Amp an all-tube amp that features 2 channels (clean and crunch), five 12AX7 preamp and two 6550 power amp tubes, presence, volume and boost (with on/off switch) controls, 6-way attack control and pre-gain boost switch for crunch channel, built-in mic-simulated and line (with level control) outputs, effects loop and tube bias adjustments speaker output switch (4, 8 and 16 ohms) in the back. The amp comes with a 4-button footswitch to operate the amp, its MSRP is $1,500.

Vox Big Bad Wah Pedal Joe Satriani SignatureAfter the new signature amp, it’s time for the effects, the new pedal that makes bigger the Vox product line started with the Time Machine and the Satchurator is the Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah, as you already realized a wah pedal that has been build to recreate the wah effect used by Satriani in his songs. The features of this pedal are dual-mode operation (one mode allows you to have the classic Vox sound and the other the custom Satriani created sound) and drive knob, voice and wah mode switches and inductor button (that changes between a UK and a USA style). The price of this pedal will be around $200, great price for a good looking piece of gear.

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