Carvin Steve Vai Legacy II Signature Amps

Carvin Legacy II Steve Vai Signature Amps
Carvin and Steve Vai have joined forces again to build what now is his second signature amp product line, as the previous one was Legacy, this one has been called Carvin Steve Vai Legacy II. In this product line there are only two models, a 100-watts head amp called VL2100 and a 100-watts combo amp called VL2212, both amps look very similar (there are only some changes in the controls section) and they are all-tube amps which sound is very similar to the previous signature model but almost with 15 years of combined experience added.

The shared features between the two Carvin Steve Vai Legacy II Signature Amps models are 3-channels (clean, clean boost and lead), 3-band EQ, 5 12AX7 (V1, V2, V3 Groove Tubes), Quad EL34 matched Groove Tubes (includes a bias switch for 5881, 6L6GC or EL34), cabinet-emulation line output, effects loop, 25-, 50- and 100-watts output and 4, 8 or 16 ohms speaker impedance switches, master volume control, tone, drive and volume boost channel controls and presence lead channel control.

The head amp model is available in different flavours: single VL2100 head, VL2412 half stack and VL2812 full stack, and both stacks include Celestion speakers. Neither the price nor the release date of the Carvin Steve Vai Legacy II Signature Amps have been announced yet.

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  1. Yes it is heavy [the combo] I have a regular Legacy Combo. Built like a tank, and the best clean channel you’ll ever hear out of any amp, bar none!It really is a great amp, with unique looks and great tone.Very different from the rest but good. The Legacy 2 will probably be better. Carvin makes great amps for half the price of the other over-priced manufacturers……………

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