Roland Cube-80X Guitar Amp

Roland Cube-80x Guitar AmpAnother interesting release that has been unveiled at Winter NAMM show is the Cube-80X from Roland that expands the Cube product line (which already had models like the Cube Street amp or the Cube-R amp). The amp has been based on the Cube-60 model but is specifically designed for those who think that the Cube line lacked of power, it also comes with some built-in amp models like acoustic sim, DLX combo, r-fier stack, …

The Roland Cube-80X Guitar Amp features 80-watt power output, 2 channels (clean and lead),
digital amp emulation with 10 COSM amps and selector switch, built-in effects (spring reverb and delay, that can be played simultaneously), built-in tuner, 12″ speaker, volume, presence and gain controls, 3-band EQ, bright, effect (to apply chorus, flanger, phaser or tremolo) and solo switches and aux input to play along an mp3 player.

This amp, which also ready to be manipulated via an external footswitch, is powered by a DC adapter that reduces its portability a little bit. The price and release date of the Roland Cube-80X Guitar Amp have not been unveiled yet.

Joe Satriani new signature amp and effects

Peavey JSX 50 Joe Satriani Signature Amp
Now that the Winter NAMM show is over it’s our turn to show the most interesting updates on the music market, and one of the most interesting ones are the signature releases by Joe Satriani on two companies that already have worked with him, so the result can only be excellent (theoretically). Both products will be available next month so stay tuned to hear when or definitive prices, but that will be later now let’s take a look at the features.

The first product unveiled by this tandem is the Peavey JSX 50 Guitar Amp an all-tube amp that features 2 channels (clean and crunch), five 12AX7 preamp and two 6550 power amp tubes, presence, volume and boost (with on/off switch) controls, 6-way attack control and pre-gain boost switch for crunch channel, built-in mic-simulated and line (with level control) outputs, effects loop and tube bias adjustments speaker output switch (4, 8 and 16 ohms) in the back. The amp comes with a 4-button footswitch to operate the amp, its MSRP is $1,500.

Vox Big Bad Wah Pedal Joe Satriani SignatureAfter the new signature amp, it’s time for the effects, the new pedal that makes bigger the Vox product line started with the Time Machine and the Satchurator is the Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah, as you already realized a wah pedal that has been build to recreate the wah effect used by Satriani in his songs. The features of this pedal are dual-mode operation (one mode allows you to have the classic Vox sound and the other the custom Satriani created sound) and drive knob, voice and wah mode switches and inductor button (that changes between a UK and a USA style). The price of this pedal will be around $200, great price for a good looking piece of gear.

Electro Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine / Vocoder

Electro Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine Vocoder
This is some really cool move from Electro Harmonix, their last effort is the Voice Box, an affordable harmony machine and vocoder that will allow you to create synth harmonies for your melodies, either vocal or played with any instrument. The result is like having backing vocals, overdub tracks or many instruments inside a compact box, and it looks like it is really useful and very fun to try some of its sounds, like we can see in the demo video.

The Electro Harmonix Voice Box features 256-band vocoder, 3 multi-harmony modes: low & high (low, 3rd and 5th below, and high, 3rd and 5th above), octave (2 notes ) and whistle (creates a whistle playing an octave above the note you are playing), 9 user presets, professional pitch shift algorithm, gender mod (that builds man- or woman-like voice), natural glissando, reverb effect with separated controls for dry and effected vocals, built-in mic preamp, +48V phantom power, gain switch and balanced XLR line output to use it with almost any system.

This device is powered by the supplied DC power adapter and comes with die-cast chassis that makes it hard enough to use it on stage. The Electro Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine / Vocoder is now available and its recommended price is $215.

Carvin Steve Vai Legacy II Signature Amps

Carvin Legacy II Steve Vai Signature Amps
Carvin and Steve Vai have joined forces again to build what now is his second signature amp product line, as the previous one was Legacy, this one has been called Carvin Steve Vai Legacy II. In this product line there are only two models, a 100-watts head amp called VL2100 and a 100-watts combo amp called VL2212, both amps look very similar (there are only some changes in the controls section) and they are all-tube amps which sound is very similar to the previous signature model but almost with 15 years of combined experience added.

The shared features between the two Carvin Steve Vai Legacy II Signature Amps models are 3-channels (clean, clean boost and lead), 3-band EQ, 5 12AX7 (V1, V2, V3 Groove Tubes), Quad EL34 matched Groove Tubes (includes a bias switch for 5881, 6L6GC or EL34), cabinet-emulation line output, effects loop, 25-, 50- and 100-watts output and 4, 8 or 16 ohms speaker impedance switches, master volume control, tone, drive and volume boost channel controls and presence lead channel control.

The head amp model is available in different flavours: single VL2100 head, VL2412 half stack and VL2812 full stack, and both stacks include Celestion speakers. Neither the price nor the release date of the Carvin Steve Vai Legacy II Signature Amps have been announced yet.

B.C. Rich Kerry King Model Signature Guitars

B.C. Rich Kerry King Signature Guitars 2009
The joint between B.C. Rich and Slayer’s Kerry King will continue to produce new models this year, for now only two models have been unveiled and will be officially introduced at this year’s Winter NAMM show. The new guitars are Kerry King Beast V and Beast V NT, both models share the same body design that is a mix between previously existing models Beast (one of the most classic B.C. Rich designs) and Speed V (similar to the Flying V design) and other specifications like 24 frets, neck profile and woods.

These models don’t share other features like, so B.C. Rich Kerry King Beast V will come with Tune-o-matic bridge with string thru tailpiece and B.D.S.M. humbucker pickups, 3-way pickup switch and volume and tone controls. There also have been unveiled some features of the B.C. Rich Kerry King Beast V NT model, neck through construction, active custom humbucker pickups, Kahler tremolo bridge, 3-way pickup switch and volume and two tone controls.

These models will come in different finishes, the Kerry King Beast V will come with black finish with chrome hardware and uncovered pickups, while the Kerry King Beast V NT will feature grey finish with black hardware and no inlays. There have been no announcements on price nor release date about these models, but they sure will be released after the Winter NAMM show.