Homebrew Paul Gilbert Detox EQ Pedal

Homebrew Paul Gilbert Detox EQ PedalMr. Big and X-Racer former member, Paul Gilbert, and Homebrew Electronics have joined forces to release the first signature pedal for Gilbert and the second artist series product for Homebrew. The Homebrew Paul Gilbert Detox EQ Pedal has been build under the personal requirements of Paul Gilbert to get a clean tone with its humbucker pickup guitar at low volumes without killing sound frequencies, and here it is the result in a compact stompbox way.

The Homebrew Paul Gilbert Detox EQ Pedal can clean or boost your tone with any kind of sound and it features true bypass, simple treble, mid, bass and level controls, noise-free operation and is powered by a 9V baterry or a DC adapter. Simple and effective pedal that could be a great addition to our gear.

The pedal is now finished, although Gilbert still uses a prototype, but there have been no news about a release date but we do know that it will come in yellow and signed by Gilbert. Probably the best thing about the Homebrew Paul Gilbert Detox EQ Pedal is that knowing how well it works the price is only $160.

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  1. i planning to buy yellow detox eq at the nearest music store. do you have information of where can i find this FX in jakarta, indonesia.

    i live in jakarta, indonesia.

    thank you for helping, bravo PG, aarwin-jkt-ina

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