FuzzHugger Hugger Loop Effect Pedal

FuzzHugger Hugger Loop Effect PedalFuzzHugger is a compay that I must say that I never head of but their last release seems very interesting, the FuzzHugger Hugger Loop Effect Pedal is a compact-sized stompbox which can be very useful, it can be used as a boost pedal or as a loop pedal to activate an effects chain, but you can also add to the loop any kind of boosting, of course supported by the device. The boost stages are completely transparent so you can use it even without the loop function just to get a higher volume for you own custom tone.

The FuzzHugger Hugger Loop Effect Pedal features 3 operation modes (single-stage boost, dual-stage boost, pre & post boost and two independent boosts), true bypass switch, boost and master controls for the boost stages, 3 toggle switches to activate/deactivate operation modes and on/off bright white LED and footswitch.

Each pedal comes hand painted but don’t think that for that is a weak stompbox because it comes with rugged aluminum enclosure, switchcraft jacks and 5-year warranty, it’s powered by a 9V battery or a power adapter. The FuzzHugger Hugger Loop Effect Pedal is now available and its price, only as an introductory promotion, is from $110 to $120.