Rode M1 Dynamic Rock ‘N Roll Mic

Rode M1 Dynamic Rock ‘N Roll MicRode has just released a new mic that is supposed to be the perfect companion for long and hard tours, the Rode M1 Dynamic Rock ‘N Roll Mic that will some singer’s, specially those who need to buy a huge number of mics for any kind of tour, favorite mic. But not only is good for its longevity but also for its great balance of weight and ergonomics.

The features of the Rode M1 Rock ‘N Roll is a dynamic mic that features cardioid pickup pattern, high output capsule, 75Hz to 18kHz frequency response, gold plated XLR connectors, internal pop-filter, low noise, die-cast body and a huge resistance to any abuse made on stage without loosing any kind of its high quality.

Rode is so sure that this mic will last any forever-tour that offers lifetime warranty for this mic, that comes with stand mount and zip couch but you can also get a desk stand or tripod as optional accessories. And all the Rode M1 Dynamic Rock ‘N Roll Mic promises and good features for only $150, now available.