Blue Icicle In-line USB Preamp

Blue Icicle In-line USB Preamp

If you ever though how to record vocals with your computer you may have your question answered with this device, the Blue Icicle In-line USB Preamp that also works as analog-to-digital converter, that will manage to be a must-have in home studios. With this small, really small, preamp you could have studio quality sound in your own house but you should take care also of other environment conditionals.

The Blue Icicle In-line USB Preamp is a plug-and-play recording device that features 16-bit audio resolution, 44.1 sampling rate, 48V phantom power (for condenser mics with on/off blue LED), balanced XLR input, USB port, low noise, analog gain control and very low consumption.

This little boy, that works in Mac and Windows computers, is an excellent complement for vocal recording but specially for podcasting because it includes voice recognition and messaging. The Blue Icicle In-line USB Preamp will be available next December and its price is $59.95.

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  1. Why do these gadgets keep coming out without a headphone amp? It costs more, but I’m looking at the 24/96 Centrance MicPort Pro with zero latency monitoring – has anyone used this? Am I missing something with the Blue Icicle?

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