Gibson Dark Fire Guitar

Gibson Dark Fire Guitar

It look like a great guitar model but there were no features enough to talk about it but now Gibson has unveiled what become the rumor of the last week, the Gibson Dark Fire Guitar. The product page confirms that is the second generation of the Robot Guitars, so expect automatic tune to the tone you want with only pushing a button, just like the first version, but it also comes with some more interesting features like the pickup combination or the stunning cool finish.

The Gibson Dark Fire Guitar features chambered mahogany body (that makes the guitar lighter that any other Gibson), mahogany neck, teflon nut, re-designed knobs, … As I commented before, the pickup combination looks great with one Burstbucker 3 humbucker (bridge, provides classic PAF sound), one P-90h black soapbar (neck, P-90 vintage sound with high output and sweet treble response) and piezo pickup (with one saddle per string, located in the bridge) that comes with an studio active amp for enhancing the acoustic sound.

Almost one year after the first Robot guitar we receive the second one, this time is a limited edition guitar that includes some cool features but no info on availability nor price, so we’ll have to wait yet. But good news for Robot owners, all the new features of the Gibson Dark Fire Guitar will be available for your guitars with a low-cost upgrade kit.

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