Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor & Rock Bug Pedals

Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor Pedal

Lately, just right after the DC Drive pedal Carl Martin releases two new models, almost at the same time, in two different product lines, the Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor Pedal in the Vintage series product line and the Carl Martin Rock Bug Pedal in the Pro-Series product line.

The Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor is a vintage compressor pedal that uses optical technology to reduce the gain and compress the signal using a sensitive cell that features gain (that makes the sound fatter), level, compression (different types of compression) and attack controls and is powered by 9V batteries although it’s highly recommended to use an adapter.

Carl Martin Rock Bug PedalWhile the Carl Martin Rock Bug Pedal is a simulator that will allow you to play like if you were on stage through a powerful tube amp using a small stompbox. The features are unbalanced 1/4″ and aux stereo (for MP3 or CD players) inputs and unbalanced 1/4″ headphones and balanced XLR outputs, master and guitar volume controls and cabinet mode mini-selector (open or closed). This device can be used as a recording unit or as a DI (direct input).

Prices and availability have not been unveiled yet, but they will be announced soon, stay tuned.