T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger Pedal

T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger PedalT-Rex, in case you didn’t know, is a Danish company that wants to give us next generation effect pedals that match perfectly with some of the most powerful tube amps and their modern sound, and their last release is the T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger Pedal a dual pedal effect that features both chorus and flanger effects inside a stompbox, 2 different effects that can help us to build a great tone.

The T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger Pedal features are level, depth, regen, tone and rate controls, chorus/flanger and light/heavy switches and on/off footswitch, mono (for amp connection) and stereo (for recording) outputs and this pedal is powered by battery or 9V DC power adapter.

But be sure to not go to a show with only the batteries because they only last for 1 hour, so you’ll probably get mad when no power adapter is available. The T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger Pedal is now available and its price is $340.