Gibson Flying-V & X-Plorer Robot Guitars

Gibson Flying-V & X-Plorer Robot Guitars

Some days ago Gibson announced that they were adding 2 new models to the Robot guitar series, so if the previous Robot models were not for you you should check this ones, Gibson Flying-V & X-Plorer Robot Guitars, because they rock with this red metallic finish.

The features of these models are mahogany body and neck, C neck profile, ebony fingerboard, 22 frets, 24.75″ scale length, fixed bridge, 496R (neck) and 500T (bridge) Gibson humbucker pickups, 3-way pickup switch and 1 volume, 1 tone and 1 MCK tuning controls.

But besides these features the most important one is, like all the other Robot models, the possibility of tuning up to 6 different tunings in just a second only by pressing a button. The Gibson Flying-V & X-Plorer Robot Guitars come with harshell case, battery charger and power plug, battery pack and lacquer finish, and the price for both models is $2,500.

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