Pearlman Church Mic

Pearlman Church MicPearlman Microphones have released a new model that is a component-by-component reproduction of the mic created by Stanley Church in the 50’s for the Metro Goldwin Meyer. The Pearlman Church Mic incudes some featres that have been discontinued in nowadays mics like Triad transformer and although the sound is not identical the results are very optimal.

The Pearlman Church Mic is a vacuum tube condenser mic that features Neumann M7 (or optional K47) capsule, GE 5-star 6072 dual triode (12AY7) vacuum tube, and NOS Triad transformer. This mic is being fully hand made and the production run has not been unveiled but I’m sure there won’t be too much models.

The only part that is not a reproduction is the housing that has been replaced for a durable one, same as TM-1 model. The Pearlman Church Mic, being a very limited edition reproduction for such famous mic, its price could not be an affordable one, but $4,500 it may be excessive, although it’s a lot less that auctioned original models. Orders can be taken now.