Line 6 Backtrack & Backtrack with mic

Line 6 Backtrack & Backtrack with micGreat songs begin with great ideas, this is how Line 6 introduces its new product, the Backtrack, a device that is “always on” and captures all you playing moments, so if you feel that one lick or one riff is good enough you only need to push one button to mark this part as a must-listen again part.

Besides its small size and good looking the Line 6 Backtrack also features up to 12 (standard model) or 24 (mic model) hours of recording, 24 bit audio resolution, 48 kHz sampling rate, 1 (standard model) or 2 GB (mic model) flash memory, mark (to set the last part as a “favorite”), forward and reverse controls (to access favorite parts), 1/4″ input and output, and USB port (to easy-transfer files and charge battery).

There is also a Backtrack model that comes with a built-in sensitive mic, 1/8″ headphones output and gain control. The Line 6 Backtrack will be available next month and the prices will be $100 for the standard version and $150 for the mic version.