Godlyke Guyatone Mighty Micro Effects Series

Godlyke Guyatone Mighty Micro Effects SeriesWe already talked about the Guyatone Micro Effects some time ago, but now Godlike does it again and releases a new group of effects belonging to a new product line called Guyatone Mighty Micro Effects Series, some of this pedals are based on the Micro Series. This new serie includes HDm5 Hot Drive, with more gain; MDm5 Micro Digital Delay, with up to 2.6 seconds delay time; WRm5 Wah Rocker, with better frequency response and a dry blend control; VTm5 Veri-Trem, with oscillation switch (sine, triangle and square), and the only shared feature between this new effects is the mechanical true bypass,

Some interesting design decisions are, for example, the top mounted jack connections (to save space in pedal boards), top mounted battery space and the handle that permits better transport. The Godlyke Guyatone Mighty Micro Effects Series will be soon available and the map will go from $120 to $190.