Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source pedal

Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source pedalI’m sure some of you have felt sometimes feeling that something was missing when playing through a stompbox and though “I’d love it had…” add anything you want here, and now we have a solution the first open source pedal, the Open Stomp Coyote-1 pedal. Open source is a methodology which makes all the internal stuff used to make a product available to download (you can see it usually on software applications but also on devices like the Monome), a dream for DIY fans.

The specifications of the Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source pedal are Parallax Propeller microprocessor (includes 8 different microprocessors at 80 MHz), 2 input and 2 output channels, 20-bit audio resolution and 44kHz sampling rates, 4 knobs, 2 on/of switches (with LEDs), 1/4″ input, output and bi-direction jacks, NTSC video and headphones outputs, micro USB and expansion RJ11 ports. The device comes with some included patchs like tremolo, chorus, distortion, delay, tunstuff (layered repeat loop), test tone and pong (source included also) effects.

If you want to design your own effect pedal you will really need the Open Stomp Workbench included software that creates stompbox designs wiring virtually knobs, buttons, LEDs, inputs, outputs… (only available for Windows users by now). The Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source pedal is now available and its price is $349.