Henriksen JazzAmp Tweety Acoustic Amp

Henriksen JazzAmp Tweety Acoustic AmpWe talked about some specific acoustic amps, like the Fishman SoloAmp, that could be a great addition to our main amp (if we play acoustic and electric shows), but what about having both options on the same amp? That what people at Henriksen amps though, and the result is a compact amp speaker extension that allows you to play acoustic or classical guitar with the amp you are always using.

The Henriksen JazzAmp Tweety Acoustic Amp features 75-watts max power input, Eminence APT80 speaker, good high-frequency performing, parallel amp input/output (you can daisy chain the Tweety with 2 amps, one as input and one as output) and crossover and volume controls. If you use it combined with a JazzAmp model you can also equalize the Tweety with your standard amp.

This device also includes a mic mount sou you can put wherever you want, using a mic stand of course. The Henriksen JazzAmp Tweety Acoustic Amp is now available and its price is $139, an awesome price for the functions that it does.