Audio-Technica New Pencil Condenser Mics

Audio-Technica New Pencil Condenser MicsAudio-Technica will soon release 2 mic models that will be perfect for 2 kind of tasks, the AT4021 for miking acoustic instruments (like piano, acoustic guitars, …) and the AT4022 for studio or stage mixing and recording tasks, both models with rugged constructions to last until you get tired of them.

This 2 models are polarized condenser mics that feature low-mass diaphragm, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, 48V phantom power, 80 Hz high pass filter, XLRM output and very low noise. The main difference between these models is the pickup pattern, the AT4021 features a cardioid pickup pattern while the AT4022 features omnidirectional pickup pattern.

These models will be available in September and their MSRP are $500 for both models, the AT4021 and AT4022.