Tascam GT-R1 Guitar Recorder Trainer

Tascam GT-R1 Guitar Recorder TrainerSome time since the last portable recording unit that we brought to you but Tascam has released a new model for guitar or bass players, the Tascam GT-R1 Guitar Recorder Trainer a portable stereo recording device that allows you to record your own tracks wherever you are, even with effects and amp sound, but also practice or play along existing songs because of its track cancellation (guitar or bass) or any of the 80 existing rhythm tracks and also composing using the loop functions or the speeding or slowing song functions that don’t affect the pitch.

The specifications of the Tascam GT-R1 Guitar Recorder Trainer are 16 and 24-bit audio resolution, 48 kHz sampling rates, built-in condenser mic, mp3 or wav file support, amp emulation, overdub function (to record over a already recorded track), guitar 1/4″ and powered mic input, low cut filter and analog limiter.

Other features of this device include USB port, 1GB SD card, rechargeable battery, chromatic tuner and metronome. The Tascam GT-R1 Guitar Recorder Trainer price will be near $300 but its availability has not been announced yet.

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  1. Do you know if it has all the functions of the MP-GT1 guitar trainer. I was thinking of getting an MP-GT1 but if this new device has all those functions too then I might wait and get a GT-R1.

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