M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Interface

M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Interface

If you are looking for a device that allows you to record wherever you are but don’t want to reduce your sound quality, this is probably a very interesting product for you, the new M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Interface is a compact and portable device that produces high quality results and has so many and different connections that you won’t probably have a I/O problem.

The features of the M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Interface are 2 channels, 24-bit audio resolution and 192kHz sampling rate, 2 Octane preamps (with phantom power and 20dB pad), onboard DSP mixer, analog to digital (and viceversa) converters, JetPLL jitter elimination technology, user-assignable master volume knob, 6 inputs (2 XLR/TS combo mic / instrument, 2 1/4 TRS balanced line and stereo S/PDIF inputs), 8 1/4 TRS balanced line, stereo S/PDIF and 2 headphones outputs and MIDI and Firewire connections.

This interface comes in a half-rack size and is powered by the Firewire input or by an external power supply. The M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Interface is now available for pre-order and its price is $400.

Gibson Reverse Explorer Guitar

Gibson Reverse Explorer Guitar

Coming back with the Guitar of the Month series by Gibson the last one, and the one that corresponds to the September month, is the Gibson Reverse Explorer Guitar which main idea is the same that was under the Reverse Flying V, that some said that was one of the ugliest guitars on the world, although in this case if you are not used to Explorer models you may not notice the difference.

The specifications of the Gibson Reverse Explorer Guitar are mahogany body and neck, hybrid profile (blending standard '50s rounded contour and '60s slim-taper profile characteristics), rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, 24.75″ scale length, Tune-o-matic bridge, stopbar tailpiece, '57 Classic (neck) and '57 Classic Plus (bridge) humbucker pickups, 3-way pickup switch and 2 volume and 1 tone controls.

This model includes a carbon fiber pickguard and a hardshell case, it is available only in antique walnut finish and its production run is limited to 1,000 units. The Gibson Reverse Explorer Guitar is now available and its price is $2,000.

Behringer new DSP Pedal Effects released

Behringer new DSP Pedal Effects released

The new pedal effects from Behringer include 24-bit DSP technology and with the AM400 Acoustic Modeler are the new product line that includes that digital technology at this quality, so the sound should be improved.

The specifications of the Behringer Bass Synthesizer BSY600 Pedal are 11 different waveforms (like saw, square, pulse, …), decay / rate, resonance, effect, frequency and direct controls, waveform mode switch and electronic on/off switch (with blue LED). This stompbox will bring to your bass or guitar tone a lower sound like a pro synth but in a compact size.

The other released pedal is the Behringer Reverb Machine RV600 Stompbox that features 10 different reverb types (spring, plate, room, …), depth, feedback, speed, time, type and polarity controls, reverb model switch, and electronic on/off. Using this device you can put between your guitar and you amp a reverb pedal that will make easier to have a great reverb tone.

These 2 models, just as the Acoustic Modeler mentioned before, have a very low price, $50, and they are now available.

Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source pedal

Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source pedalI’m sure some of you have felt sometimes feeling that something was missing when playing through a stompbox and though “I’d love it had…” add anything you want here, and now we have a solution the first open source pedal, the Open Stomp Coyote-1 pedal. Open source is a methodology which makes all the internal stuff used to make a product available to download (you can see it usually on software applications but also on devices like the Monome), a dream for DIY fans.

The specifications of the Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source pedal are Parallax Propeller microprocessor (includes 8 different microprocessors at 80 MHz), 2 input and 2 output channels, 20-bit audio resolution and 44kHz sampling rates, 4 knobs, 2 on/of switches (with LEDs), 1/4″ input, output and bi-direction jacks, NTSC video and headphones outputs, micro USB and expansion RJ11 ports. The device comes with some included patchs like tremolo, chorus, distortion, delay, tunstuff (layered repeat loop), test tone and pong (source included also) effects.

If you want to design your own effect pedal you will really need the Open Stomp Workbench included software that creates stompbox designs wiring virtually knobs, buttons, LEDs, inputs, outputs… (only available for Windows users by now). The Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source pedal is now available and its price is $349.

Gibson Acoustic Limited True Vintage Hummingbird, J-45 and SJ-200

Gibson Acoustic Limited True Vintage Hummingbird, J-45 and SJ-200

Gibson acoustic guitars are the chosen option from many great guitar players like Johnny Cash or Pete Townshend and using 3 of the most acclaimed models Gibson has upgraded the true vintage product line with improved reissues of Hummingbird, J-45 and SJ-200 acoustic guitars. Three different guitars (super jumbo, round shoulder and dreadnought sizes) from three different periods 30’s, 40’s and 60’s that today are still played by many musicians.

These guitars share some features like red spruce top, solid AAA Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and bridge, 21 frets, certificate of authenticity and limited number. But specific features, for the Gibson Acoustic Limited True Vintage Hummingbird, are mahogany body and neck, round profile, 24.75″ scale length and Gold Keystone tuners.

The Gibson Acoustic Limited True Vintage J-45 is the second on the row and comes with mahogany body and neck, V shape profile, 24.75″ scale length and white button nickel Gotoh tuners.

The last in the Gibson Acoustic Limited True Vintage SJ-200 and features AAA flame maple body and maple neck, round profile, 25.5″ scale length and gold Gotoh tuners.

All this guitars come with “Made in America” case with exacting vintage and there will be only 167 units available. The prices have not been unveiled yet but I can imagine that will go from $5,000 to $7,000.

UPDATE (08.27.2008): My predictions we not right and these models are cheaper than I though. Meandean comments that the prices are $3,449 for the Hummingbird, $4,339 for the SJ-200 and $2,649 for the J-45.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 Guitar

Probably all has been said about the Les Paul model, all? I think not, the new Standard model for this year includes some improvements that, without changing its look or its feeling, make it a better guitar, want to know what they are? Let’s take a look. Probably the most notable added feature is the new neck construction that comes with an enlarged tenon and an asymmetrical profile for better sound and more playability, respectively.

But the neck is not the only part improved in the Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 Guitar, the classic mahogany body now has been chambered (that reduces the weight) and includes a hand-carved AA maple top, the Locking Grover tuners now come with 18:1 ratio, the chosen pickups are Burstbucker Pro Alnico V humbuckers and the bridge is TonePros Nashvile Tune-o-matic bridge.

Another process that has been improved are the adjustments now made by Plek a computer systems that analyzes each guitar and makes specific work to every model, like fretwork or tuning.

The guitar is available in honey burst, light burst, ice tea, heritage cherry sunburst, ebony and gold top and, a great detail, the pickguard is not attached to the guitar so you decide if you want it or not. The Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 Guitar is now available and its price is $2,600.

Sennheiser Evolution e965 Condenser Mic

Sennheiser Evolution e965 Condenser MicThe Evolution product line has a new member that will make very happy singers who want a high-quality device with low noise or distortion that lasts all the tour because its humidity protection. The Sennheiser Evolution e965 Condenser Mic works in live and studio environments for lead singer tasks or choir tasks using its filters that cuts low frequencies on close miking.

The specifications of the Sennheiser Evolution e965 Condenser Mic are new designed capsule, true condenser, cardioid or super-cardioid pickup patterns, dual large-diaphragm transducer, -10dB pre-attenuation switch, low-cut filter, wide frequency response and integrated pop shield and windshield.

If you think, looking at its features, that this mic is not affordable for everyone… you are right, the MSRP of this product is $878 and will be available next month.

Henriksen JazzAmp Tweety Acoustic Amp

Henriksen JazzAmp Tweety Acoustic AmpWe talked about some specific acoustic amps, like the Fishman SoloAmp, that could be a great addition to our main amp (if we play acoustic and electric shows), but what about having both options on the same amp? That what people at Henriksen amps though, and the result is a compact amp speaker extension that allows you to play acoustic or classical guitar with the amp you are always using.

The Henriksen JazzAmp Tweety Acoustic Amp features 75-watts max power input, Eminence APT80 speaker, good high-frequency performing, parallel amp input/output (you can daisy chain the Tweety with 2 amps, one as input and one as output) and crossover and volume controls. If you use it combined with a JazzAmp model you can also equalize the Tweety with your standard amp.

This device also includes a mic mount sou you can put wherever you want, using a mic stand of course. The Henriksen JazzAmp Tweety Acoustic Amp is now available and its price is $139, an awesome price for the functions that it does.

Spellbinder Stanley Clarke Bass Guitars

Spellbinder Stanley Clarke Bass Guitars

Stanley Clarke is a jazz bass guitar player that has played with some big names like Chick Korea or Jeff Beck and now he has teamed up with Luthier Thomas Lieber to release the new full line of Spellbinder instruments. There are some know and unkown names, the known is the Spellbinder Bass that was released 27 years ago and had very good reviews and the new product basis; while the not known are the Spellbinder Mando Piccolo Bass and the Spellbinder Contrabasse, there is no info on the second one so we will talk about the other 2 models.

The features of the Spellbinder Bass II are spruce body, 3-piece quartersawn laminated maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 24 frets, 26.125″ scale length, but there is no info about the pickups nor the bridge. We’ll have to wait to know more about it, but we already know the price, $4,300… If I was to spend that money on any instrument I’d love some more info.

The other product from the Lieber and Clarke join is the Spellbinder Mando Piccolo Bass, a small bass guitar that looks like mandolin released after Clarke played a lot of this piccolo instruments, that are an octave higher that standard ones, and features carved maple body with carved spruce top, solid maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 24 frets, 30″ scale length, piezo bridge and volume and tone controls. The price of this one is $1,600.

There is also another product on the line, the Spellbinder Bass Strings that fits the released products and some others like double bass, tenor and 4- or 5-string bass guitars. If you live near Hollywood and you are interested in any of these products you could stop by at the The Green Room Restaurant (6756 Hollywood Blvd) at 4pm for an official showing.

Livid Instruments Ohm Limited Edition

Livid Instruments Ohm Limited Edition

If you have a home or semi-professional studio and you don’t like that kind of gear that limits your possibilities by its own limitations you should take a look at Livid Instruments Ohm Limited Edition, an audio and video interface device that is specially designed for real-time tasks but can be also used as a mixer, synth, DJ gear or even as a lighting controller.

The specifications of the Livid Instruments Ohm Limited Edition are backlit controls (with on/off switch), 36 pad buttons, 9 function buttons, 8 slider and trigger/mute buttons, 8 high-quality faders, DJ crossfader, 10 rotary dials, MIDI and USB (only compatible with Windows and Mac) connections, 12V DC input (to use with the included adapter) and works with any MIDI-learn compatible software. The package includes Livid Union 2.5 VJ Software and some demos (Ableton Live, FL Studio and AMG One).

This device is available in 2 versions color (natural, simply red, basic black, night blue and dark green) mahogany and rack-mountable metal formats, but the limited edition colors (all but natural) will add $100 to the final price. The Livid Instruments Ohm Limited Edition is now available and its price is $790.