Shadow Electronics Stompin’Bass Instrument

Shadow Electronics Stompin'Bass InstrumentToday we bring one of the most curious devices in some time, the Stompin’Bass Instrument introduced by Shadow Electronics will be the perfect companion for those who play usually acoustic shows without drums. This little device will produce a percussive sound when you hit its anti-slip surface with your foot, so when you follow the rhythm you get a drum-like sound base.

The Shadow Electronics Stompin’Bass Instrument has a very compact size (5.5″ x 5.3″) and features robust and shielded rosewood body, Active NanoMAG pickup (that provides a cool and warm sound) and output jack that can be connected to an amp, a PA or even a pedal effect to modify its sound.

This little instrument comes with a gig bag, an anti-slip, extension to make it more comfortable and is powered by a 9V battery. he release date of the Shadow Electronics Stompin’Bass Instrument has not been announced but its price will be $150.

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