Allen & Heath Xone:4D Mixer

Allen & Heath Xone:4D MixerThe new model from Allen & Heath Xone series is a USB mixer with a new soundcard that includes the same features than the Xone:3D but with some interesting news like multi-track recording, running 4 simultaneous decks in Native Instruments Traktor or, like a lot of people requested, panels that can be read in very low light using a ultra violet sensitive paint.

The specifications Allen & Heath Xone:4D Mixer are 24-bit audio resolution and 96 kHz sampling rate, 8 different setups for the USB soundcard (that removes the need of using the computer software utility like the Xone:3D model), 225 assignable MIDI controls, real-time LFO waveform edit function, 4 stereo and digital outputs and 4 stereo and digital inputs and FX2 RCA sockets that can be converted to recording outputs.

This mixer works with both PC and Mac and could be a very interesting tool for DJs. The Allen & Heath Xone:4D Mixer will be available next month and its approximate price will be $2,000.

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