Retro-Sonic Vintage Vibes Boost & Benfox Love Buzz Pedals

Retro-Sonic Vintage Vibes Boost & Benfox Love Buzz Pedals

Last week 2 different pedal companies released 2 very interesting products, compact but powerful and useful, a boost and and overdrive pedal called Retro-Sonic Vintage Vibes Boost and Benfox Love Buzz. Take a look at the short list of features, they may surprise you.

The first released pedal, the Retro-Sonic Vintage Vibes Boost, belongs to its boutique class A pedals and features fet-amp circuit with metal film resistors and caps, true bypass, bass, treble and volume controls and flat / low cut and internal clipping circuit (that adds some overdrive) switches. This pedal is now available but its price has not been unveiled yet.

The other new products is the Benfox Love Buzz Pedal, a distortion stompbox that, as all the Love Buzz pedals, tries to emulate the Fender Twin amp sound. Its features are true bypass, one master gain (that produces from crunchy to high gained overdrived sounds) and one master volume controls, Neutrik audio jacks and 16mm Alpha pots. This stompbox is now available and its price is $115.

Marshall Lemmy 1992LEM Bass Amp

Marshall Lemmy 1992LEM Bass Amp

After a longer-than-I’d-like break we come back with some interesting news, this one specially for bass payers and Motorhead fans because the amp company Marshall has released a Lemmy Kilminster signature head bass amp called Marshall Lemmy 1992LEM Bass Amp that has been based on the Murder One bass amp owned by Lemmy, that also is a modification of a 1992 100 Watt Super Bass Amp.

The specifications of the Marshall Lemmy 1992LEM Bass Amp include 100 watts power output, 2 channels, master 3-band EQ and presence control, volume control per channel, 3 ECC83 preamp and 4 EL34 power amp tubes, dual normal & high inputs, 2 speaker outputs, 4, 8 and 16 output ohms selector and the amp has been customized the reproduce even the smallest detail of Lemmy’s amp. This includes the red corner protectors or the front golden icons.

The amp comes signed by Lemmy and Jim Marshall and there is no official info about if it will be a limited edition or when it will available or its price.

Fender GT500KR Stratocaster Guitar

Fender GT500KR Stratocaster Guitar

Here we have another model to include in the not-for-everyone guitar list, the new Fender GT500KR Stratocaster Guitar, released in collaboration between Fender and Ford to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Ford Shelby GT500KR. The guitar is a very limited edition, only 100 units will be available, and includes the classic car’s cobra logo.

The features of the Fender GT500KR Stratocaster Guitar are ebony fingerboard, 22 frets, 25.5″ scale length, American Standard tremolo bridge (from this year’s updated American Standard models), 3 single-coil pickups, 5-way pickup switch and 1 volume and 2 tone controls.

Each model comes individually numbered, with Shelby and GT500KR inlay markers and a hardshell case. The Fender GT500KR Stratocaster Guitar in mid April and its price will be $5,600, as I said before, not for everyone.

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler

There are some pending releases from the MusikMesse show yet, one of them is the new stompbox modeler from Line 6 that is based on the same idea than the POD members but with different objective, because the Line 6 M 13 Stompbox Modeler doesn’t have menus nor presets but includes some of the most acclaimed pedal released by Line 6 in a, not precisely small but, cool device to have available your favorite stompboxes.

The Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler features 75 stompbox effects (up to 4 at the same time) including 15 delays, 16 modulation effects, 16 distortions, 16 filters, 11 reverbs and 5 compressors, 12 footswitches for instant scene (stompbox configurations) availability, dedicated effects controls, built-in chromatic tuner, tap tempo, 2 expression pedal inputs, stereo effects loop, stereo 1/4″ input and output and MIDI connection.

The Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler is now available for preorder, the release date will be in August and its price is $499.95.

Edirol R-09HR Handheld Portable Recorder

Edirol R-09HR Handheld Portable RecorderAt MusikMesse show Edirol has unveiled another portable recorder, the Edirol R-09HR Handheld Recorder that has been probably based on the acclaimed R-09 model, at least they share features, the compact size and interface is very similar.

The Edirol R-09HR Handheld Portable Recorder features
24-bit audio resolution and 96kHz sampling rate, low-noise and isolated recording circuit, stereo condenser built-in mic, built-in speaker, 20 Hz to 40 kHz frequency response, 4 built-in reverb types (2 hall, room and plate), up to 130 hours of recording (with 8GB card and in MP3 128 kbps format), SD and SDHC card slots, OLED display, transport controls,

This portable recorder comes with Cakewalk pyro Audio Creator LE software, wireless remote control and USB 2.0 connection. Price and availability of the Edirol R-09HR Handheld Portable Recorder have not been unveiled yet.

Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio & SG Special Guitars

Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio & SG Special Guitars

Gibson made a big announcement today, 2 new models on the Robot series we introduced you some months ago, the new models are Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio Ltd. and the Gibson Robot SG Special Ltd. and have very similar features to the completely sold out Robot guitar.

The specifications of this 2 new Robot guitars are, solid mahogany body (Les Paul model features maple top) and neck, 50’s rounded profile, ebony fingerboard, 22 frets, 24.75″ scale length, Tune-control bridge and data transmitting tailpiece, 498R and 498T humbucker pickups, 3-way pickup switch, 2 volume and 2 tone controls (one of them allows you to select the tuning) and of course the powerhead locking tuners that will tune automatically your guitar.

Both models, Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio Ltd and Gibson Robot SG Special Ltd, are limited editions with 4,000 units each and are available in metallic purple and green, but the price and the release date have not been announced yet.

Gadow Custom Set-Neck HB Guitar

Gadow Custom Set-Neck HB Guitar

Gadow Guitar released recently a new model on its custom line that looks really great, the Gadow Custom Set-Neck HB Guitar is a double cut-away hollow body guitar with a specially designed cavity and the typical f-holes that can be configured to get a more jazzy (with P90 Fralin and Lollar pcikups) or rocker (with Seymour Duncan pcikups) tone.

The specifications of the Gadow Custom Set-Neck HB Guitar are mahogany body (with maple top) and neck, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, 25″ scale length, TonePros wraparound bridge, Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB humbucker pickups (optionally you can have Fralin and Lollar pickups or even a Graphtech piezo pickup to get acoustic sounds), 3-way pickup switch and volume and tone controls.

This guitar comes with a hardshell case and limited lifetime warranty and is available in left-handed version. There will be also a special model with korina body, figured maple top and a solid Indian rosewood neck. The Gadow Custom Set-Neck HB Guitar price is $5,000, $5,700 for the special edition model.

Blackheart BH100H “Hothead” Guitar Amp

Blackheart BH100H Hothead Guitar Amp

We’ve been waiting for this new model of Blackheart Amps for some weeks until they had all the specifications and an image, although the Blackheart BH100H “Hothead” Guitar Amp looks like any other Blackheart amp, this is the most powerful model, from 100 to 30 watts, that can be Class A or Class AB in pentode or triode mode (using the class and power switches) to provide a very big range of sounds, from gain and power to more crunchy and responsive tone.

The features of the Blackheart BH100H “Hothead” Guitar Amp are solid state rectifier, 2 channels (loud and f’in loud), 3-band EQ per channel, gain control on the first channel and drive control on the second channel, master presence and volume controls, effects loop with send and return levels and 1/4″ line output.

The amp comes with a footswitch to change the channels or activating the effects loop, and 16, 2×8 and 2×4 ohms outputs. THe price and availability of the Blackheart BH100H “Hothead” Guitar Amp have to be announced yet.

Bogner Alchemist Amps

Bogner Alchemist AmpsThese new products also come from the MusikMesse show, the Bogner Alchemist Amps serie produce a blues (with hot crunch tone option) or a high gained tone in 3 available flavours, 2 combos, Bogner Alchemist 112 and 212, featuring 2 and 1 12″ speakers, and 1 Bogner Alchemist Head, amp with a matching cabinet, Bogner Alchemist 212 Ext. Cab.

The specifications of all the Bogner Alchemist Amps are Class AB amps with 40 watts power output, 5 12AX7 preamp and 6L6 power amp tubes, 2 channels (gold and mercury), 3-band EQ and variable bright and gain controls per channel, crunch mode and deep switch controls for the gold and mid shift control for the mercury channel, master reverb and delay type switches, delay and reverb level and delay repeats controls and Celestion speakers.

These amps come with a 4-button footswitch (that switches channels and activates boosts, delay and reverb). The price and availability of the Bogner Alchemist Amps have not been announced yet.

Line6 POD X3 Pro

Line6 POD X3 Pro

We talked about almost any POD member, from the small Pocket Pod device to the Pod X3 Live, but this is probably the most powerful Pod device ever, the new Line6 POD X3 Pro. This rack-mountable device comes with all the features from its stage floor version, including the dual tone, that allows to mix 2 tones or apply 1 tone to each of the instruments that can be connected.

The main features of the Line6 POD X3 Pro 24-bit studio-quality A/D and D/A converters and 32-bit audio processor, 78 guitar and 22 bass amps, 24 guitar and 22 bass cabinets, A.I.R. II mic modeling technology, 98 effects (stompbox, module, delays, reverbs and many more) and 1/4″, XLR, USB, MIDI, S/PDIF, Variax, AES/EBU and many more connections. All the elements that can be used can be combined up to 9 effects at the same time.

This device will be perfect for those who want to add a multi-effect and tone generator system to their rig. The Line6 POD X3 Pro availability has to be announced yet but its MSRP price is $979.