Vox Virage Guitars

Vox Virage Guitars

Not all the news from today will be from the Winter NAMM show but the day after the show started Vox unveils a new guitar series called Vox Virage Guitars that will be the perfect companion for the Vox amps. There are 2 models available from this serie, the Virage DC and Virage SC, both of them are semi hollow body guitars (one with double cut-away and one with single cut-away) with f-holes, although they are not f’s, built with the greatest quality woods and components.

All the Vox Virage Guitars features mahogany body with solid carved mahogany or ash top, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 22 medium jumbo frets, 25″ (638 mm) scale length, custom Vox Full Contact aluminum bridge, 2 Vox DiMarzio Three-90 triple coils, 3-way pickup switch (with clean, crunch and lead modes for each pickup) and master volume and tone controls.

Both models look really great on all the acrylic lacquer finishes avaialble, jet black, ash blonde, deep cherry and vintage sunburst. The price and availability of each model has not been announced yet.

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  1. I just checked out the Vox Virage site, read the specs, listened to the samples…. WOW!!! This is my next guitar. It was going to be a New Taylor Electric solid body. But now the tables have turned… The Vox is awesome. It pretty much can do it all, from crunch – metal to Jazz etc. uilt in mode switches for lead – rhythm, etc. Just fantastic. I love it and want it. Hope it’s not a $4,000 MSRP. $3,000 will put it in the $2100 – $2000 range most likely. I think I’ll get the black double cut.

  2. I meant that it has a BUILT in mode switch circuit. Sorry – funky keyboard. And the price range I’m hoping for is $2100 to $2500. We’ll see.

  3. Vox is distributed internationally by Yamaha. Just one look at these and you can clearly tell Yamaha is doing the manufacturing – almost looks identical to the TVL. Save yourself some dollars and buy a Yamaha instead.

  4. I checked out the Yamaha TVL as suggested. Nope, not even close. The Vox Virage is way beyond the TVL, the pups are triple coil,aluminum bridge, completely different body design and internal chambering, different body woods, electronic are in a class of their own. Are you sure they are made by Yamaha? The website says it’s made in the Fuji Genku (or something like that) factory in Japan. I know about this particular factory. It’s one of the best and most famous in Japan. I decided to id on the one that was being auctioned off on eBay by Music For All Foundation as a promotion, and I won. I’ll be getting mine for $1500. I’m happ with the price and the hands on reviews I’ve read so far are all raving about the sound and playability. Oh boy, Oh boy!

  5. Actually, these guitars are not manufactured by Yamaha. They were designed by a veteran team working for Vox that consists of Rich Lasner (Ibanez Jem, Yamaha Pacifica, amongst others), Eric Kirkland (ex-Gibson and Variax), Bob McDonald (Modulus Graphite). Apparently, they approached the parent company, Korg, with the idea of producing a Vox range. Apart from a small run of USA made guitars, they will be Japanese made by Fuji Gen Gakki (who produced models for Ibanez, Fender Japan). The guitars sound and look awesome, playability/feel is amazing as well.

  6. hey Does the Vox Virage have the Les Paul/335 sound when in humbucker mode? thanks jammergreg

  7. At these prices I’d buy an American made Gibson. Why doesn’t Vox come out with some more affordable guitars based on their classic designs of the ’60’s.

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