Livid Ohm Performance Instrument

Livid Ohm Performance Instrument

This is the last product released by Livid, a MIDI fully-configurable controller created to fulfill the needs of DJs or producers, but it’s also suitable for video editing tasks. The Livid Ohm Performance Instrument has been designed to improve your efficiency with its control layout and can be used with synths, video mixers, DJ software, …

The Livid Ohm Performance Instrument features professional blue-backlit controls like 36 + 9 function and 8 slider trigger/mute buttons, 8 high-quality faders, 1 crossfader, BPM tap button, 10 rotary dials, MIDI output and USB port. This controller is available in wood and metal case models with no difference in price, but the metal model is rack-mountable.

The controller is easy-to-work with software like Ableton Live or FL Studio (both included with the controller) but works with any software that supports MIDI learn. The Livid Ohm Performance Instrument is available for pre-order (will be shipping in late October) and its price is $790.

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