DigiTech RP90 & RP70 Guitar Processors

DigiTech RP90 & RP70 Guitar Processors

Although it was introduced some time ago Digitech is now shipping their new guitar modeling effects processors that include the AudioDNA2 DSP processor and join the previous RP models. The DigiTech RP90 and RP70 Guitar Processors not only allows you to include a huge range of effects in your sound but programming your own custom effects too.

The DigiTech RP90 & RP70 Guitar Processors 50 factory presets, 50 user presets, 12 amp, 8 cab, 6 distortion effect and 32 regular effects (boutique stompboxes, wah, step filter, …) models, 40 drum patterns, amp/mixer switch, built-in chromatic tuner, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion, 44.1 kHz sampling frequency, unbalanced 1/4″ input and stereo (2-channel) 1/4″ and stereo headphones outputs.

The main, and I think that is also the only, difference between the RP70 and the RP90 models is the expression pedal, the RP70 includes a 1/4″ expression pedal input and the RP90 includes a expression pedal. Both are now available and their prices are $79.95 for the Digitech RP70 and $99,95 for the Digitech RP90.

Vestax VAI-40 Interface

Vestax VAI-40 InterfaceWe talked about the VCM-100 Controller yesterday, but this is not the unique release of Vestax, they have also released an audio interface, for USB DJ controllers (like the VCM-100 or the VCI-100) called Vestax VAI-40 Interface.

The Vestax VAI-40 Interface features 2 RCA stereo inputs, 2 RCA stereo and 1 stereo 1/4″ headphones (with 60 mW amplifier) outputs, -10dBV unbalanced input and output level, USB port and is compatible with almost any music application like Cubase, Logic, …

This interface works with Windows and Mac systems and the support of ASIO2.0, MME/WDM and CoreAudio drivers. The Vestax VAI-40 Interface is not available yet and its approximate price will be $250.

Brauner Phantom Classic Condenser Mic

Brauner Phantom Classic Condenser MicThe new release of Brauner Microphones has been based on an existing model, the Phantom C mic, but this new mic is a limited edition product to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The Brauner Phantom Classic Condenser Mic design is the same than its normal edition version but includes some different features.

The Brauner Phantom Classic Condenser is a phantom powered FET mic that features solid state amp, cardioid polar pattern based on the VM1 capsule, 20 Hz to 22 KHz frequency response, 83 dB noise ratio, 28 mV sensitivity and pressure gradient transducer.

This mic offers a natural sound that can be applied to a wide range of applications. The Brauner Phantom Classic Condenser Mic approximate price will be $1,399 but its availability has to be announced yet.

Vestax VCM-100 Controller

Vestax VCM-100 Controller

Vestax has released a compact controller that has been specially built to be used with a laptop computer because it has the same width. The Vestax VCM-100 Controller includes the mechatronics technology developed in Vestax and has a very easy-to-use interface so its a good option either for beginners or professionals.

The Vestax VCM-100 Controller features stereo 20-bit D/A and 18-bit A/D converters, 60 assignable parameters (to the knobs, buttons, faders and crossfader) from software with the USB MIDI in/out, USB port, 4 RCA mono inputs, 2 RCA stereo and headphones outputs and is USB-powered, but if you want stable performance you should use the power adapter, not included. The device includes the Traktor LE software.

This controller works only with Windows XP (with service pack 2) and Mac OS X (version 10.3.9 or higher) and includes a laptop tray with ventilation holes. The Vestax VCM-100 Controller is available for pre-order and its price is $499.

Fishman AFX Pedals

Fishman AFX Pedals

There was some kind of release try some time ago but they have finally arrived, the new Fishman AFX pedals. This 3 new stompboxes, AFX Chorus, AFX Delay and AFX Reverb, are specially designed to enhance acoustic guitar sound.

The Fishman AFX Pedals feature 24 bit A/D and D/A conversion, 32-bit audio processing and boost gain switch that is added to the input signal.

The Fishman AFX Chorus features choruses, tremolos, flanger, phaser and rotary speaker presets, tone, level and speed controls and stereo inputs and outputs.

The Fishman AFX Delay features 4 presets of modern ultra-clean and 4 of classic warm delays, delay time, tone and repeats controls.

The Fishman AFX Reverb includes studio, room, plate, chamber, stage, concert hall, cathedral and canyon reverbs types, decay time and tone (that adjusts from dark to brighter sounds) controls.

This pedals are now available for pre-order, their prices are $249.95.

RhythmSource Metronome

RhythmSource MetronomeRhythmSource, the San Francisco company, has released a new metronome that looks a little bit different that standard metronomes, that’s why they have changed the way of creating and listening to rhythms on this metronome to make easier these tasks. This metronome is specially good for teaching.

The new RhythmSource Metronome features a circular light system that added to its percussive sounds allows to see and listen easier the rhythm that is played, 25 subdivision patterns, tempo with 6 to 360 mm range, 8 beat (that allow you to change each beat parameters), memory (to store rhythms), select, tools, minus and plus buttons, internal 1.5W speaker and analog 1/8″ headphones or line output.

This device is powered by 3 AA batteries or by a DC adapter, included with the metronome. The RhythmSource Metronome is now available, on the official site, and its price is $159 plus shipping.

Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro

Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro

One of the most interesting releases of this month is the new device for Pro Tools, the Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro will allow you to create, edit or mix your music, among other features anywhere you go, of course you will need a computer and a USB port.

The Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro is a USB flash drive that features Pro Tools LE 7.3, Xpand!, Free Bomb Factory and DigiRack plug-ins (include effects, instruments, tuners, meters, …), 24-bit audio processing and 48 kHz sampling rate (higher sampling rate with pre-conversion), USB 1.1 port, 1/8″ analog jack output (for headphones or monitoring) and volume level wheel.

This incredibly small device, that is like having your own studio in your pocket, works with Windows XP and Mac OS X (10.4 or higher) operating systems and 1 GB RAM recommended. The Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro is now available and its price is $279.

Blade Guitars Durango Custom DC-2

Blade Guitars Durango Custom DC-2

Blade Guitars, the company created by luthier Gary Levinson, has released a new custom-built model on its Durango series that has a really big sound and its design reminds a little bit of a PRS guitar. The Blade Guitars Durango Custom DC-2 is a double cut-away guitar with 2 humbucker pickups that has been built using the finest materials and components.

The Blade Guitars Durango Custom DC-2 features mahogany body with broadleaf maple top, 1-piece mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, 22 frets, TOB-16 bridge, 2 especially built LHN-6 humbucker pickups, 5-way pickup switch, VSC-3 electronics, 3-way mini switch and volume and tone controls.

This guitar is available with some different finishes with a hand-rubbed nitrocellulose lacquer and nickel or gold hardware. The Blade Guitars Durango Custom DC-2 price and availability have to be announced yet.

MXL V88 Mic

MXL V88 MicSome time ago the Marshall electronics division released a new mic that captures the sound like the tube mic and produces a big and rich sound that will be perfect for high quality tasks, like capturing all the vocal or acoustic instruments harmonics. The mic is the MXL V88, is specially designed for HDTV and HD radio tasks.

The MXL V88 is a condenser mic that features cardioid polar pattern, 32mm capsule, large gold sputtered diaphragm, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, +48V phantom power, 25 mV/Pa sensitivity, low noise FET preamp, internal Mogami cables and tranformerless balanced output.

This mic, that comes with shockmount and aluminum flight case, will be a very good tool for studios and for singers because its size (5,3 x 14,6 cm) and weight (1 lb.) makes it very easy to carry around. The MXL V88 Mic is now available and its MSRP is $495.

LaChapell 583s Tube Preamp

LaChapell 583s Tube PreampHere we have another preamp, this time it has been released by LaChapell company last month and is their first effort of a new preamp series. The LaChapell 583s Tube Preamp has been based on the 992EG and is a very small and simple device with a very robust construction and built with the finest components.

The LaChapell 583s Tube Preamp features ECC83 tube (very easy to change to another ECC83 or a 12AX7, because of its accessibility), 12 Hz to 70 kHz frequency response, 48V phantom power, -20 dB pad and polarity reverse, all with on/off switch, input type switch (mic of hi-z), input and output level controls and transformer-less hi-z input.

This preamp is a very compact device with a low weight (3.5 lbs) and joined to its design it has received the lunch box name. The LaChapell 583s Tube Preamp is now available and its MSRP is $1,249.