PreSonus MegaStudio Producer

PreSonus MegaStudio Producer

If you want to professionally record your own songs into an album and don’t want to spend a lot of money renting a studio you could check the new PreSonus package that will provide you everything you need to create a professional quality studio. The PreSonus MegaStudio Producer includes software, hardware and instructional DVDs that will convert you into a professional producer.

The PreSonus MegaStudio Producer features PreSonus FP10 (FirePod) firewire interface, Steinberg Cubase 4 LE audio production software, Sony Vegas Movie Studio DVD production software, Sony DVD Architect burning software, a complete package of virtual instruments (Drumagog LE, PreSonus VI, …), real-time effect plug-ins (EyeEQ, MasterVerb, …), drum loops and sounds and instructional DVD with more than four hours of hardware and software tutorials.

The package also includes and memberships that will allow to share your music on the net. The PreSonus MegaStudio Producer will be available in September but its price has not been unveiled yet.

UPDATE (09.06.2007): The price of the PreSonus MegaStudio Producer pack is $650 and is now available.

Electro Harmonix XO Line Effects

Electro Harmonix XO Line Effects

Through Electric Guitar Review we have found that Electro Harmonix has released some new effect pedals from their XO Line series. Although specs of some products in the official website are not very helpful (things like Adds “room reverb” and reverb decay control should not be considered specs), we can tell something about them, there are only one new release and seven new versions, with of course new features, of existing pedals.

The new pedals from the Electro Harmonix XO Line are Holy Grail Plus, an updated version of the Holy Grail reverb pedal which added features are one new reverb type (now we have spring, room and hall) and decay control; Holy Stain is a compact multi-effect pedal, it features reverb, tremolo, pitch shift and distortion effects with mix, amount, volume, tone, color and fuzz controls; Knockout is a EQ pedal with low, dry and high controls that will help you to Convert Gibson to Strat or Strat to Telecaster; Micro POG is a compact version of the POG pedal (Polyphonic Octave Generator) that features dry, octave up and octave sub controls, so you can experiment with high and low octaves; Octave Multiplexer is a sub-octaver pedal that will provide fat bass tones one octave below, it features high filter, bass filter and blend controls; Q-Tron+ is a improved compact version of the Q-Tron envelope filter pedal with effects loop and response switch (fast and slow) that will not modify the envelope drive; Stereo Electric Mistress is a stereo version of the Electric Mistress flanger/chorus pedal with rate and flanger depth and chorus depth controls; and Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai, a multi-effects pedal that features reverse echo, looping, tape tempo delay and tape echo filter effects.

All these effects will be available this or next month, but their prices have not been announced yet.

Peavey MSDI Simulated Miked Guitar Cabinet

Peavey MSDI Simulated Miked Guitar CabinetPeavey released a new device that can save some work in recording tasks, the Peavey MSDI that will provide an output with a emulated miked guitar cabinet sound. You can record your own tracks as if you were playing with a full stack without changing the tone of your amp head, this is done with a passive mic emulation circuit.

The Peavey MSDI features head amp input, cabinet output, tone switch with three different operation modes, reference, a good configuration for almost any speaker, hi boost and hi cut, that will increase or decrease the tone of your amp; XLR balanced mic simulated output and output level control.

This device needs no external power supply. The Peavey MSDI will be available at the end of this year and its MSRP is $149.99.

Lace Helix Bass Guitars

Lace Helix Bass Guitars

Lace, the company founded in 1979 by Don Lace, designer of the Lace Sensor pickup, has released a new bass guitar model belonging to the Lace Red Label Series, designed by Don Lace Jr.. The Lace Helix Bass Guitars feature a very cool design and Alumitones pickups that give the instrument a very low and midrange tone.

The Lace Helix Bass Guitars feature mahogany body, maple neck, 34″ scale length, Alumitone bass pickup and volume and tone data-like controls. The premium version also features multi-laminated neck-through construction, two Alumitone bass pickups and 3-way pickup switch. Available finishes are black, transparent red and transparent blue.

Both amps come with a high quality gig bag. The Lace Helix Bass Guitars are now available and their list prices are $599.99 for the normal version and $899.99 for the premium version.

Guyatone Micro Effects

Guyatone Micro EffectsGuyatone has released some more new effect pedals for its Guyatone Micro Effects series. These effect pedals have high-quality components and some features only available in very expensive pedals, but in a very compact size.

The new models of the Guyatone Micro Effects series are CB-3 Cool Booster, a boost pedal that boost the signal without touching the tone, specially good for solos; HD-3 Hot Drive, a full-drive amp distortion pedal with three working modes (bright drive, treble and deep & dark sounds); MO-3 Micro Octaver, analog octaver that works in one octave down, two octaves down and dry blend modes, specially good for experimental music; OD-2+ Overdrive+, a overdrive pedal based on the OD-2 model with three working modes, clean and boost, vintage drive and tube saturation sound; and SS-3 Sonic Shaper, a multi-functional boost pedal that can boost the signal without any distortion, emulate acoustic sound or emphasize specific harmonics.

These pedals have been tested by musicians to ensure its high-quality sound and working and come with three-year parts and labor warranty. The new Guyatone Micro Effects are now available and their prices are $130 for the CB-3 model, $120 for the HD-3 model, $140 for the MO-3 model, $120 for the OD-2+ and SS-3 models.

Telefunken RM-5C Ribbon Mic

Telefunken RM-5C Ribbon MicTelefunken|USA has released their first own-made ribbon mic, the Telefunken RM-5C Ribbon Mic, that has been based on the RCA BK5 which was mainly used for radio and TV broadcast applications. This mic can be used for brass instruments, it works specially well with them, vocals, acoustic guitars or drums miking.

The Telefunken RM-5C Ribbon Mic features highly directional cardioid pickup pattern, 30 Hz to 18 kHz, frequency response, well-boosted midrange sound, from 90 to 270 degree angle range (very good for being a directional mic) and a good output impedance that will match with your mic preamp.

As all the ribbon mics, this mic produces a very natural and smooth sound but because of its different construction it will work better with the actual recording studios. The Telefunken RM-5C Ribbon Mic is now available but its price has not been announced.

Novation Remote SL Compact MIDI Controller

Novation Remote SL Compact MIDI Controller

Novation has released a new series of MIDI controller keyboards, the Remote SL Compact series that like the XioSynth series has two models, 25 and 49 keys keyboards. Both models are plug-and-play devices, almost any user configuration is needed, the keyboard configures when the sequencer software starts and the plug-in parameters are assigned when the plug-ins are activated.

The Novation Remote SL Compact MIDI Controller features 25 or 49 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, seven velocity curves, a 144 character backlit LCD display, eight rotary encoders, 8 buttons, eight trigger pads, template and octave sleect buttons, transport controls, pitch and mod wheels, USB MIDI port and expression and sustain pedals inputs.

These keyboards come with Novation Xcite+ bundle that includes Ableton Live Lite 6 software. Price and availability of the Novation Remote SL Compact MIDI Controllers has to be announced yet.

Gibson Reverse Flying V

Gibson Reverse Flying V

We introduced you the 30th model of the Guitar of the Week series yesterday, but we miss last week’s model and that one was a cool one. The Gibson Reverse Flying V is a strange reversed version of the classic Flying V guitar that would be a must-have guitar for those who want different and custom designs for their shows

The Gibson Reverse Flying V features mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, 24.75″ scale length, Tune-o-matic bridge with string through tailpiece, two ’57 Classic humbucker pickups, 3-way pickup switch and one only volume control.

If you like strange guitars, like those we introduced you much time ago, this is your Guitar of the Week model. The Gibson Reverse Flying V is now available and its price is $999, but as always its production run is limited to 400 units.

Daisy Rock Debutante Guitar Series

Daisy Rock Debutante Guitar Series

Guitar beginners have a lot of options to start playing guitar with the guitar packs released by many brands like Fender, Gibson, Epiphone or Peavey, but what about girls? Daisy Rock has released two starter packs for them, one acoustic and one electric from the Daisy Rock Debutante Guitar Series.

This guitar series has now two packs Daisy Rock Junior Miss Acoustic Guitar Pack and Daisy Rock Candy Electric Guitar Pack, the acoustic pack features an acoustic guitar with mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, 18 medium frets and 23.25″ short scale length, picks, a strap and a electronic tuner. The price of this pack is $169.

The electric guitar pack features an electric guitar with maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 22 medium frets, 23.75″ short scale length and one humbucker pickup, a 10-watts amp with volume, treble and bass controls and overdrive switch, a gig bag, picks, a strap, electronic tuner, a polish cloth, a winder and Alfred’s Girl’s Guitar Method DVD. The price of this pack is $329.