MAWZER, modular controller

MAWZER, modular controllerIf you have a controller I’m sure you once found yourself saying ‘I wish it had another fader (or knob)‘, and sometimes the control you miss is a very important one. Take a look at this modular controller and you’ll never say that again, the MAWZER is a grid that accept modules (horizontal or vertical) to extend its functionality. This controller has been around for 2 years but it seems that the final release is near.

There are two MAWZER models, the M1610 and the M3210, both are identical in features but you can put more modules in the M3210 model. The main idea under the MAWZER is to build your own layout for a controller with their modules, they have several modules, the POTv410 / POTh410, four potentiometers in a row (vertical or horizontal), the FADv110, a 10cm fader, the ENCv410, four rotary encoders, the BUTv410, four buttons with leds, the XFDv110, two buttons with leds and a 6cm fader and a Blank module to complete the layout without gaps. The main complaint is that you can’t remove or put modules without switching off the device, so if you need a new setup it can’t be done immediately.

If your interested in this modular controller Jerash Labs is accepting pre-orders that will ship, supposedly, in July, at the same time they will be accepting normal orders. The price of the MAWZER cases is $627.40 for M1610 model and $770.20 for M3210 model, each module’s price is between $40 and $50, except for the blank module which price is $6.