True Systems P-Solo Ribbon

True Systems P-Solo Ribbon Mic PreampIf you use ribbon mics for live shows or studio recordings you should take a look at this new product. True Systems has released a new version of its P-Solo mic preamp specially designed for ribbon mics, although it also can be used with dynamic mics. The True Systems P-Solo Ribbon is a mic preamp that uses the same circuitry that made famous the True Systems mic preams.

The True Systems P-Solo Ribbon is a single-channel ribbon mic preamp that features high-pass filter, dual analog outputs, high-impedance instrument input (this will protect the preamp from sonic variations), four-level metering, no phantom power (it could damage ribbon mics), no signal path’s capacitors, master level knob and high gain and HPF switches.

This preamp is built to be very resistant, so if you need one of this you will be surprised for its affordable price compared to other ribbon mic preamps. Although the True Systems P-Solo Ribbon mic preamp is now shipping we haven’t find info about street price, MSRP is $745.