miJam mini digital intruments

miJam Minis (Guitar, Drums, Keyz and Mix)

If you are a die-hard music fan and one the people that plays air guitar, air drums or something like that wherever you are, even on the bus, take a look at these mini instruments because they can blow you out. The miJam Minis series is composed by miJam Mini Mixer, miJam Mini Guitar, miJam Mini Drums and miJam Mini Keyz. Shared features are built-in speakers and headphone output, they can be used as standalone instruments or jamming with your MP3 player or computer.

The miJam Mini Mixer features built-in effects (like digital voice or techno effects), volume and tempo controls and beat, digi fx, voice and scratch functions and 2 emulated jog wheels.

The miJam Mini Drums is a small drumpad that features built-in sounds (like snare, bass, cymbals, …) and rhythms, tempo and volume controls, hi-hat, cymbal, tom tom, snare, bass + hi hat and rhythm buttons.

The miJam Mini Guitar is a mini guitar made with buttons that emulate a fingerboard and a strum bar, you can play riffs or chords and the strum bar works in both directions. Features volume and tempo controls.

The miJam Mini Keyz is a pocket synth that can play background rhythm while you play with the keys. It also features volume and tempo controls and rhythm and style functions.

These miJam Mini‘s connect directly to iPod’s, MP3 players, computers, …, are powered by batteries (two AAA or four AA depending on the model) and all them have a $19.95 price.