Fender Telecaster Pro

Fender Telecaster Pro

We introduced you the Stratocaster Pro that is one of this year’s new models from Fender’s Custom Shop Limited Edition series. Another one is the Fender Telecaster Pro, a Telecaster model for professional players with black and white classic design.

The Fender Telecaster Pro features premium ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, 25.5″ scale length, custom stainless steel bridge with compensated brass saddles, Custom Shop Twisted Tele single-coil (neck) and Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Tele single-coil (bridge) pickups, 4-way pickup switch (neck, neck & bridge in parallel, bridge and neck & bridge in serie), master volume and master Greasebucket tone circuit (lows high tone without adding bass tone).

This guitar comes with deluxe hardshell case and Nocaster chrome dome knobs. The Fender Telecaster Pro is now available and its approximate price is $2,500.

D-TAR Wave-Length Load ‘N Lock pickup

D-TAR Wave-Length Load 'N Lock pickupD-TAR released some time ago the Wave-Length pickup, a easy-to-install low-distortion acoustic pickup. Now they have teamed up with Guild to release the D-TAR Wave-Length Load ‘N Lock pickup, a special version of the Wave-Length pickup with Load ‘N Lock battery access system that is exclusively created for Guild acoustic/electric guitars.

The D-TAR Wave-Length Load ‘N Lock pickup features thin piezo transducer with 18V preamp, dual source capability (an extra input for magnetic pickups or soundboard transducers), volume and tone controls and is powered by 2 AA batteries. The 18V preamp allows players to strum hard the strings without having noise and distortion on your sound.

Although the D-TAR Wave-Length Load ‘N Lock pickup is announced in Guild’s official site, they haven’t said which guitars will feature this pickup.

Edirol M-16DX Digital Mixer

Edirol M-16DX Digital MixerThe Edirol M-16DX Digital Mixer was introduced in this year’s Winter NAMM along with the little M-10DX. This mixer has 2 modules, the desktop module (which has the mix controller) and the I/O module (where all the inputs and outputs are) that can be rack-mounted.

The Edirol M-16DX Digital Mixer features 16 channels, 24-bit/96kHz internal processing, built-in effects (COSM effects; insert effects, like power compressor and voice change; spatial effects, like echo and reverbs; and master effects, like noise suppressor and compressor), low-cut Filter, 3-Band EQ per channel, pan, aux, select, solo, mute and level controls per channel, memory banks for storing channel and effects settings, backlit LCD display (to see actual effects and graphical spectrum analysis), Room Acoustic Control to compensate the frequency response of the room, analog and digital inputs and outputs, 4 mic preamps (located in channels 1-4) and 18 2.0 USB inputs and 2 2.0 USB outputs for recording several tracks at the same time with the computer.

This digital mixer comes with AC adapter, Cakewalk Sonar LE and is now available. The price of the Edirol M-16DX Digital Mixer is $699.

Danelectro Pro Dano

Danelectro Pro Dano

Another guitar that will be re-issued from Danelectro’s classic models is the Danelectro Pro Dano, this will be the first time that this model will be re-issued. This guitar features the characteristic and retro Pro body shape with the triangular pickguard that has a very cool looking.

The Danelectro Pro Dano features hollow masonite body, rosewood fingerboard, 24.75″ scale length, adjustable 6 saddle bridge, 2 lipstick single-coil pickups (instead of the one that featured the original model), 3-way pickup switch, volume and tone controls.

Like the other Danelectro re-issued model the Danelectro Pro Dano will be quickly sold out for its quality and its low price, $299.

Gibson Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom

Gibson Zakk Wylde Custom Bullseye Flying V

Although there’s no info on Gibson’s official site some stores are already selling the new Zack Wylde custom guitar, the Gibson Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom. This guitar that features the same bullseye painting from the other Zakk Wylde Gibson and Epiphone guitars but with the Flying V body shape gives a different touch and the result is very cool.

The Gibson Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom features mahogany body, 1-piece mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, 24.75″ scale length, Floyd Rose tremolo bridge, EMG-81 and EMG85 active humbucker pickups, 3-way pickup switch, 2 volume and 2 tone controls.

The guitar comes with custom shop case and certificate of authenticity. The $4,500 price of the guitar has been told by some people that saw it on a store so, other stores can place its own price. The Gibson Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom is now available so check your local dealers.

UPDATE: You can now check the Inspired By site of Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom.

Edirol M-10DX Digital Mixer

Edirol M-10DX Digital MixerEdirol announces that the M-10DX Digital Mixer is now shipping. This digital mixer is the “small” version of the M-16DX mixer, both of them were introduced at this year’s Winter NAMM, and is a noise-free portable mixer so it can be used anywhere.

The Edirol M-10DX Digital Mixer features 10 channels with flagship, 24-bit/96kHz processing, built-in high quality effects (like COSM, reverb and finalize effects), analog input and output, digital output, 2 mic preamps, 3-Band EQ per channel, pan, aux, select and level controls per channel, backlit LCD display (for graphical spectrum analysis), Room Acoustic Control for acoustic room compensation and AC power adapter.

This portable mixer is a very good and affordable option for mobile studios. The price of the Edirol M-10DX Digital Mixer is $399.

Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique

Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique

Gibson continues releasing its weekly Guitar of the Week model and this is the 14th week. This time the guitar of the week is the Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique a guitar with classic Les Paul design but with some pickup changes and very good at playing rock, country and jazz licks.

The Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique features mahogany body (with AA figured maple top) and neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24.75″ scale length, Tune-O-Matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece, 2 H-90 humbucker pickups, 3-way pickup switch, 2 volume and 2 tone controls.

As all the Guitar of the Week models the Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique’s production will be limited to 400 units.

Danelectro ’59 Dano

Danelectro '59 Dano

Danelectro guitars have been always very attractive to me although I never had one of this in my hands but its sound and the body shape looked very good to me. Now, me and everyone can buy a upgraded version of the 1959 vintage Danelectro, the 2007 Danelectro ’59 Dano is based on the classic model and probably will be sold out very quick.

The Danelectro ’59 Dano features 2-pieces light masonite body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, fully adjustable 6 saddle bridge, 2 lipstick tube pickups, 3-way pickup switch, vintage pickguard, volume and tone controls. The guitar features a very good quality components with high but warm sound specially for open chords or melodies.

There a 4 colors available: black, keen green, royal blue and burgundy. The price of the Danelectro ’59 Dano is $299 and the guitars will be shipping this month.

Pioneer MT-01 Package

Pioneer MT-01 Package

Installing a speaker system at home is a complicated and expensive task, you need to wire (sometimes through the wall) from the audio player to the speakers. But this kind of installations are over, Pioneer has released an audio system that transmits the sound from the central station to the speakers without wires through the electric line, the Pioneer MT-01.

The package of the Pioneer MT-01 contains a central Sound Station, one large 2 x 25W network speaker, one small 5W network speaker and remote control. The Sound Station plays the audio and is connected to an electric socket and speakers are also connected to electric sockets to reproduce the sound at any place in the house.

The Sound Station of the Pioneer MT-01 features 5 inputs: 2 USB (type A and B), 1 audio input (in the front) and 2 analog inputs, that way you can connect to the Sound Station your iPod, CD player, audio system, PC or a USB flash disk to listen to their music in any room of the house.

The price of the Pioneer MT-01 package is $649 and is now available, but you can also buy the components separately. The Sound Station’s price is $449, large 2x25W speaker’s price is $269 and small 5W speaker’s price is $179.

Allen & Heath XONE DJ XD-53 Headphones

Allen & Heath XONE DJ XD-53 HeadphonesAllen & Heath’s Xone products are specifically designed for DJs but this doesn’t mean that we can’t use them at home. The Allen & Heath Xone DJ XD-53 are designed as monitoring headphones for DJ sessions and complement their line of DJ products. But a high-quality headphones is a good way to listen music at some hours that neighbors don’t want to hear music.

The Allen & Heath Xone DJ XD-53 headphones features high level isolation (from club’s ambient noise for example), rotating earpieces for easy one-ear monitoring, high SPL capacity, one-side only coiled cable, 1500 mW of power handling and 53mm diameter drivers.

This headphones will be available next month and its MSRP will be $250. The Allen & Heath Xone DJ XD-53 headphones are a very good option for a DJ but also for people who wants to hear his music in very high quality headphones.