Shadow Electronics Sonic Doubleplay Dual

Shadow Electronics SH Sonic DoubleplayShadow Electronics will introduce at Musikmeesse a dual-pickup system for acoustic instruments, the SH Sonic Doubleplay. This systems is composed by 2 pickups, the Shadow Nanoflex in the bridge position and the Shadow NanoMAG in the fingerboard (neck) position.

The Nanoflex electromagnetic pickup captures all the sound shades produced by the instrument sensing the vibrations of the string but also, at the same time, the instrument body vibrations. The Nanoflex amplifies and protects the sound in the pickup using the active amplification and the 100% shield that features the pickup, so no wires needed for that.

The NanoMAG active magnetic pickup is placed into or in front of the fingerboard and produces an acoustic sound and perfect balance with bronze strings. The NanoMAG can be installed in an electric guitar to produce and additional acoustic sound to the guitar.

The SH Sonic Doubleplay will feature volume and tone controls and blend crossfade. It will be available after Musikmeesse and its price is €300.