TC Electronic C400XL Compressor/Dual Gate

TC Electronic C400XL Compressor/Dual Gate

TC Electronic is still releasing new products at MusikMesse, this new compressor/dual gate is for audio professionals while they are on tour because of its small size and low weigth. The TC Electronic C400XL is a compressor and source-based gate that works for vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion, etc.

The TC Electronic C400XL Compressor/Dual Gate features dual engine (for compressor and gate), fast and high precision gate, dual mono, stereo or serial operation modes, balanced analog XLR inputs and outputs, balanced digital outputs, MIDI inputs and outputs, threshold LED and control per engine, ratio (for compressor), makeup/release (for gate) and mix controls per engine, peak LED indicator and 16-way rotary knob per engine (with composite, male/female vocal, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, snare drum and many more).

The TC Electronic C400XL will be soon available and its price is $320.

Blackstar Amplification HT Valve Overdrive

Blackstar Amplification HT Valve Overdrive pedalsBlackstar Amplification company is a new company who is releasing new products in valve, solid-state and digital electronic amplification field, featuring the newest technologies and revolutionary sounds for guitar players. One of their introductions at MusiMesse is the HT Valve Overdrive pedals, including 1 boost, 1 overdrive and 3 distortion pedals.

All the HT Valve Overdrive pedals feature true high-voltage circuitry to provide valve tone, no compromise speaker simulated output, so they can be used directly on recording, silent switching and high integrity buffered bypass.

The HT-BOOST BT-1 pedal is a boost pedal that conserves the dynamic and the tone. It adds two extra valve stages, an all-valve cut and boost tone and features a high level output.

The HT-DRIVE OD-1 is a distortion pedal that produces warm to screaming sound. It features A-class tone and dual cascaded triode stages.

The HT-DIST DS-1, HT-DISTX DX-1 and HT-DUAL DS-2 are distortion pedals that provide classic tube distortion sound and feature the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) circuit so you can create your own custom distortion sound from British valve to modern American sound. The HT-DUAL DS-2 features 2 channels, channel 1 with clean and crunch modes and channel 2 with crunch and screaming modes.

Blackstar Amplification hasn’t announced the availability and price of the HT Valve Overdrive pedals.

Stanton DJ T.90 USB turntable

Stanton DJ T.90 USB turntableContinuing with the MusikMesse news, Stanton DJ has released a new USB turntable for professional DJ’s. The Stanton DJ T.90 USB turntable can also be useful for creating backup copies or archiving your vinyls.

The Stanton DJ T.90 USB turntable features high-torque direct drive motor, s-shaped tone arm (for better scratching), 2 start/stop switches, 33, 45 and 78 RPM playback speeds, pitch slider control, built-in key lock (adjusting tempo without changing the pitch) and S/PDIF and USB outputs.

Laptop-based DJ’s can now enjoy this new cool looking professional USB turntable that comes with vinyl-to-CD/MP3/WAV converting software. The Stanton DJ T.90 will be available at the end of this month but the price hasn’t been announced yet.

BOSS RE-20 Space Echo

BOSS RE-20 Space EchoThe legendary Roland RE-201 analog delay, still used by many bands like Radiohead, has been given a reborn as the BOSS RE-20 Space Echo inside the Twin Pedal series. BOSS has introduced it at MusikMesse. Although you can still find some Roland RE-201 in eBay, that could be the chance for many people to have that classical sound.

The BOSS RE-20 Space Echo features longer delay time than RE-201, modelling simulation of the classic analog sound, tape flutter and magnetic head sound saturation, bass, treble, reverb level, repeat rate, intensity, echo level and input level controls, peak level LED, 12-way mode selector switch (1 reverb only, 4 repeat and 6 reverb echo modes), tap footswitch (to adjust the delay time), on/off footswitch and LED.

The official site doesn’t give much info, so we’ll have to wait to know when the BOSS RE-20 Space Echo will be available and its price.

Korg Mixers with KAOSS PAD

Korg KM-402 & KM-202 Mixers with KAOSS PADKorg’s new mixers introduced at MusikMesse include a very interesting feature, a little version of KAOSS PAD has been included in the mixers to provide users the possibility of changing the effects parameters with only touching the pad. The models that include this feature are Korg KM-402 and KM-202 and the version of the KAOSS PAD included is the KP3.

The Korg KM-402 is a 4-channel mixer while the KM-202 is a 2-channel mixer. Both of them feature 24-bit resolution, 100 different effects (filters, effects, delays, …), factory presets, 3-band EQ per channel (with 6 switchable EQ curves), 1 fader per channel, 1 cross-fader, FX RELEASE function (stores the delay and reverb parameters even if you change the preset), program memory key (store the parameters in a preset) and KAOSS button per channel (quick effects editing).

DJ’s can now take advantadge of the funcionality of the KAOSS PAD without needing to have a separate device, all in one. Korg hasn’t announced the price and the availability of the Korg KM-402 and Korg KM-202.

Vox AC15 Heritage Head & Cabinet

Vox AC15 Heritage Head & CabinetVox released in Winter NAMM ’07 show the AC15 Heritage Combo to pay tribute to the AC15 as a part of the Heritage series. At MusikMesse Vox has unveiled the AC15 Heritage Head & Cabinet from the same series. This amp features the classic sound of the Vox’s first amps but modified to the nowadays guitar player’s needs.

The Vox AC15 Heritage Head & Cabinet features 15 watts, 2 channels (EF86, with 3-way Brilliance switch, and Top Boost channels), one EF86 preamp, three ECC83/12AX7, one EL84 and one EZ81 rectifier tubes, pentode/triode mode switch, bass shift switch, treble and bass controls for Top Boost channel, master VOX Top Cut control and Celestion AlNiCo “Blue” 12″ speaker.

The head (AC15HTVH) and the cabinet (V112HTV) has been designed as the amps from the vintage “TV Front” finish series that gives them a cool retro look. The Vox AC15 Heritage Head & Cabinet will be available in July 2007 but its price has to be announced yet.

Roland SonicCell Synth

Roland SonicCellThe number of computer-based musicians is increasing a lot lately and companies are releasing lots of products and accessories for them. Roland at MusikMesse has released a professional sound module for studio or live shows, the Roland SonicCell.

The Roland SonicCell is a ultra-compact synth module with high-quality Roland synth hardware that features 128 voices, USB audio interface and 2 SRX slots.

The SonicCell is capable of playing SMF, WAV, AIFF and MP3 files via USB, compatible with PC and Mac OS X and comes with Sonar LE. No word on the price nor availability.

Vox ValveTronix XL Amps

Vox ValveTronix XL AmpsVox is also on the MusikMesse show introducing a new line of tube amps with amp modeling, the Vox ValveTronix XL series. Specifically designed for hard rock music players, the ValveTronix XL amps feature sound from VT and Chrome series. The series consists in three models AD15VT-XL, AD50VT-XL and AD100VT-XL.

The main features of this amps are Valve Reactor technology, 11 modeled amps, 11 effects, 7 multi-effects, user custom programs (stores amp and effects settings), power amp output level control and external speaker output (only in AD50VT-XL and AD100VT-XL).

The Vox ValveTronix XL amp series availability and price is supposed to be announced in MusikMesse.

Behringer’s MusikMesse Amps

Behringer V-Ampire LX100Behringer’s MusikMesse Prolight+Sound show is introducing lots of new products, here we have the amps section newness. Behringer introduces the V-Ampire LX110 guitar, ULTRABASS BVT25000H and ULTRABASS BXR1800H bass amps.

The Behringer V-Ampire LX110 is a 45-Watt guitar amp with digital modeling amps that features 16 classic amps and cabinet models, 24-bit stereo multi-effects processor, 100 memory locations for your presets, 10” Bugera dual-cone speaker, master volume control and auxiliary input.

Behringer ULTRABASS BVT25000H

The Behringer ULTRABASS BVT25000H is a, crazy, 2,500–Watt bass head that features VTC tube modeling (to sound like a vintage tube amp), 9–band EQ, compression, bass, mid, treble and frequency controls.

Behringer ULTRABASS BXR1800H

The Behringer ULTRABASS BXR1800H is a ultra-compact 180–Watt bass head with 2 channels (clean and gain, with independent gain controls), shape and level controls for gain channel, 7-band graphic EQ with FBQ Spectrum Analyzer, compressor with smooth peak limiter, separate headphone, balanced XLR DI and line outputs.

Behringer’s new USB guitars

Behringer iAXE-624 and iAXE-629 USB guitars

Behringer released the iAXE-393 USB guitar some time ago and is MusikMesse they have released new models from the USB guitar serie. The new models are Behringer iAXE-624 and iAXE-629.

Both iAXE models feature stereo headphone output, ultra-low latency ASIO driver, Kristal 16-track music production and Audacity editing software, Guitar Combos BEHRINGER Edition guitar amp and stomp box modeling software and are USB powered.

The Behringer iAXE-624 is a strato-like guitar with solid body, maple neck, 3 single-coil pickups, 5-way pickup switch and vintage vibrato bridge, it’s available in cream and black finishes. Behringer iAXE-629 is a double cut-away guitar with solid aspen body, hard maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24 medium jumbo frets, vintage vibrato bridge and SSH pickups.

Both guitars can be used with traditional amps. Their price and availability has to be announced yet.