Basone Original Mahogany

Basone Original Mahogany

If you saw the Budweiser’s Superbowl ‘07 commercial you already know something about Basone Guitars, a small Canadian company who hand-craft all their guitars. This guitar that appeared on that commercial is the one that Basone has recently announced, the Basone Original Mahogany guitar.

The Original Mahogany features, as you already realized, (Honduran) mahogany body, flamed maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 23 frets, 25 7/16” scale length, 2 humbucker pickups, 3–way pickup switch, 2 volume and 1 tone controls.

We don’t know the price nor the availability of the Basone Original Mahogany, but hand-crafted guitars are usually higher price but also higher quality.

RAT Distortion gets its own website

RATO Distortion

Almost 30 years after the release of the first RAT Distortion pedal, the Bud Box RAT in 1978, Pro Co Sound Inc. launches an independent website for RAT Distortion pedals. This pedals have been used by artists like Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, Andy Summers, Kurt Cobain and many more.

In the new website you can find, of course, RAT Distortion products information but also product reviews, audio sample, product history and online warranty registration for customers.

Pro Co Sound Inc. will also celebrate the new RAT Distortion website with a “Massive Gear Giveaway” to one of “The Filter” newsletter subscribers, consisting of a Deucetone RAT distortion pedal, 2 Pro Co Excalibur guitar cables, 12 Pro Co Pro Patch cables, a Peterson StroboStomp pedal tuner and a Trailer Trash Pro Series pedalboard, the value of the kit is $1,300. If you like the RAT Distortion products you must check it out.

Zoom HD16CD & HD8CD Multi-track Recorders

Zoom unveiled last month their new digital multi-track recorders, the Zoom HD16CD and its little brother the Zoom HD8CD. Both of them feature a very useful 80GB internal hard disk, 100 digital effects (like reverb, delay and compression), an internal drum/bass machine with touch-sensitive pads and up to 500 drum sounds, 16-bit/44.1 kHz linear PCM recording, internal CD-R/RW drive and USB 2.0 interface

Zoom HD16CDThe Zoom HD16CD is a 16–track multi-track recorder that also features 10 virtual takes per track, recording up to 8 simultaneous tracks, 8 balanced XLR 1/4″ combo inputs (with phantom power), 2 high-impedance inputs (for guitar or bass).

Zoom HD8CDThe Zoom HD8CD is a 8–track multi-track recorder that also features 80 virtual tracks, 8-track playback, recording 2 simultaneous tracks, 2 XLR 1/4″ inputs and sampler function (to add original drum sounds to drum kit).

Both recorders come with Steinberg Cubase LE and the prices are $549 for Zoom HD8CD and $699 for Zoom HD16CD. A very good tool for digital home recording with an affordable price.

Gretsch G6199B Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird

Gretsch G6199B

One of Gretsch’s new products is the Gretsch G6199B “Billy-Bo” Jupiter Thunderbird bass guitar, an adaptation of the guitar of the same model released 2 years ago with the same futuristic design. The name Billy-Bo is a mix of artists names Billy F. Gibbons and Bo Diddley.

The “Billy-Bo” Jupiter Thunderbird features semi-hollow mahogany body (with laminated maple top), 1–piece mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 33.3” scale length, Space Control bridge (with G-Cutout tailpiece), 2 Dual TV Jones Thunder’Tron pickups, 3–way pickup switch, master volume, neck pickup volume, bridge pickup volume and master tone controls.

The “Billy-Bo” Jupiter Thunderbird is only available in classic jet black with firebird red top finish and its price is $3,450.

Vivid guitars

Vivid Guitars Brianna Banks Tempest

Schecter and one of the most important adult film companies have joined to create Vivid Guitars, the first officially licensed graphic guitar series. The guitars will feature images of the Vivid’s adult film stars and the first models are Brianna Banks and Stefani Morgan Tempest.

Both models are based on the Schecter Tempest serie and have the same features but each one has a hot design based on photos of Brianna Banks and Stefani Morgan. The features of the guitars are Tempest body design, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24.75” scale length, Tune-O-Matic bridge, 2 Schecter Alnico Plus humbucker pickups, 3–way pickup switch and 2 volume and 1 tone controls (with push/pull).

The Brianna Banks and Stefani Morgan Tempest guitars are now available and its price is $899. But be careful, people can pay more attention to your guitar than your playing. The photo belongs to Brianna Banks Tempest.

Yoshihiko Satoh’s guitar creations

Yoshihiko Satoh is a Japanese artist who plays with size and functionality of daily objects. He was born in Ibaraki in 1968 and graduated in M.F.A at Tokyo National University of Fine Art & Music. He has exposed in Japan in important art galleries and has participated in other exhibitions like BERLIN-TOKYO Group Exhibition I or Japan Korea 2004 Contemporary Art Exhibition. Lately, he has appeared on several music websites for 2 guitar-related creations, Present Arms (2002) and Glory Arms – Lake Placid Blue (2003).

Present Arms

The Present Arms creation is a 12–necked stratocaster-like guitar connected to a Fender amp (we have a photo of a person “trying to play the guitar”). This creation won the Grandprix at the 2002 Kirin Art Award.

Lake PlacidThe Glory Arms – Lake Placid Blue creation is also a 12–necked stratocaster-like guitar connected to a Fender amp, but this time the guitar is shaped like a star or a clock (it looks like the necks are the hours of a clock).

Both creations are very interesting, I don’t know what Rick Nielsen or Steve Vai would think of those creations. Here you can take a look at more Yoshihiko Satoh creations.

Gibson Melody Maker

Gibson Melody Maker

If you like light weighted guitars you may check the re-release of the Gibson Melody Maker, a guitar initially build for students (for its light weight and its very low cost) like other models like Les Paul Jr.

The Gibson Melody Maker features slim mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24.75” scale length, wraparound tailpiece, specially designed single-coil pickup, 1 volume and 1 tone controls.

If you like that kind of guitars you really need to take a look, the Gibson Melody Maker’s price is $350. It’s available in Satin Vintage Sunburst, Satin Ebony and Satin White finishes.

Godin A6 Ultra Semi-Acoustic

Godin A6 Ultra Semi-Acoustic

Godin released a acoustic guitar for electric guitar players, if you always play electric guitars and you’re not used to big jumbo acoustic guitars, you must try the Godin A6 Ultra Semi-Acoustic. The guitar looks really good and is also available in 12–string version with some changed features.

The Godin A6 Ultra is a single cut-away acoustic guitar that features silverleaf maple body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 25.5” scale length, Custom Godin under-saddle transducer and preamp (on top), 3–band EQ and volume, treble and bass controls of the humbucker pickup.

The Godin A6 Ultra is available in natural sg, black hg and cognacburst hg finishes and its price is $919 ($799 for natural sg finish).

Zachary Custom 1st Ikea

Zachary Custom 1st Ikea

This guitar could be added to the strange guitar collection, Zachary built a guitar with a $15 Ikea table and he’ll be building 2 more from the same table, the first is the Zachary Custom 1st Ikea. Zachary builds custom guitars, amps and effects and you can purchase them through his website (although there’s only one guitar available right now).

The Zachary Custom 1st Ikea guitar features knotty pine body (from the unfinished end Ikea table), 1–piece mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24.75” scale length, Zachary Custom bridge, 2 DiMarzio Virtual P90 pickups 3–way pickup switch and 1 volume control.

The Zachary Custom 1st Ikea’s price is $1,500, a low price for a handcrafted guitar although the body was taken from an Ikea table.

Vestax PMC-280 PRO

Vestax PMC-280 ProThere have been a lot of posts since the last time we talked about a mixer but this new Vestax mixer will end with this absence. The Vestax PMC-280 Pro is a 4–channel mixer specially designed for DJs who want a powerful tool with an affordable price.

The Vestax PMC-280 Pro features on-board DSP effects unit (24bit 96kHz sampling rate), 16 adjustable effects (including ring modulator, vocoder, digital delay, echo, reverb, flanger, …), 2 rotary knobs to control 2 parameters for each effect, 1 fader per channel, CF-PCV cross fader for mixing between channels, 3–band EQ per channel, 6 line, 2 phono and 2 mic inputs and 2 RCA stereo and 1 XLR outputs.

The Vestax PMC-280 Pro will be available between March and April and its price will be $499.