Midomi, recognize the song with your singing

midomi.comIf you go usually to karaokes or sing in the shower you must try midomi.com. This website recognizes the song you’re singing or humming, and reviews say it usually get it correctly.

Behind this, midomi.com tries to build a community of people with the same musical style taste and a database of searchable songs. You can upload your song online, you only need to have a mic (and soundcard, of course) or upload a recorded file.

I don’t really know if people will build a community behind this, I thought people would build a community behind services like Pandora or last.fm.

One thought on “Midomi, recognize the song with your singing”

  1. Ever tried the Melody Catcher: http://www.melodycatcher.com/? It is a new melody finder on which you can play a theme or a song on a piano keyboard to find MIDIs of that theme. In the results the user can play these MIDIs and find their title, while he is also linked back to the source site of these MDIs. An alternative way to search for a melody when you don’t remember the title

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