Peterson VS-S2 StroboStomp2 Tuner

Peterson Vs-S2 StroboStomp2Another release from Winter NAMM, Peterson has released a tuner pedal you can take to any place, the encloruse is gun-proof and the switch and the jack are made of metal. The pedal is called the Peterson VS-S2 StroboStomp2 Tuner.

But the main feature for the Peterson VS-S2 StroboStomp2 is not its hard enclosure, the pedal features the Virtua Strobe technology that can tune a guitar with a 0.1 cent accuracy and in true bypass operation and also features the Sweetened tunings including the GTR and BAS presets, DADGAD, 12–string, guitar, E9th and C6th steel guitar, Dobro and resonator guitar, electric violin, … You can also save 4 programmable presets and drop or capo transpose all tunings.

The price and availability has to be announced yet.