TheAirtightGarage MaryJane Amp

MaryJaneReady for Christmas, TheAirtightGarage introduce a new amp, the MaryJane, an all-tube combo amp featuring 2 fully independent amps with 2 speakers (one per amp), the only thing they share is the input jack.

The MaryJane amp features EL84 tube and volume, treble and bass controls on the first amp, and 6V6GT tube and volume, treble, bass and mid controls on the second. The amp is made of southern cypress and has a preamp section featuring two 12AX7 tubes per amp, two 12” speakers and 2 output taps (8 and 16 ohms) per amp. Each amp on the MaryJane can be switched off (with included footswitch) or switch one amp for the other (switch on one and switch off the other) with the optional foot rocker switch.

The MaryJane, with the included footswitch, price is $1,500.

Alesis iO|26

Io26_layers300Alesis is now shipping their 2 new models of Firewire audio/MIDI interfaces, the Alesis iO|14 and iO|26. These interfaces will let you record audio into your computer or monitor it in real-time. We’ll take a look at Alesis iO|26.

The multi-channel Alesis iO|26 features 8 analog and 18 digital inputs, 24 bit, 44.1 Khz and 192 kbps, 8 built-in high-definition mic preamps (2 for guitar or bass), stereo S/PDIF digital and stereo turntable input, 8 line, 2 stereo headphone and 1 stereo S/PDIF digital outputs and 16 I/O MIDI channels.

The Alesis iO|26 comes with Cubase LE software, is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP and its price is $599.

Sennheiser HD 485 Headphones

HD485_viewYesterday we talked about the JVC HA-NC80, a noise-reducing high-quality headphones for travel, today we bring you the Sennheiser HD 485 a high quality headphones, this ones for hearing the music comfortably sited.

The HD 485 features a high-quality sound (with lightweight aluminum voice coils), an outstanding wearing comfort for long music sessions (headband and ear pads have been designed to contribute to the comfort), 3 meters cable and gold-plated jack connector.

The HD 485 seem very comfortable, the perfect accessory for hearing your favorite album on those Sunday mornings where all you want to do is hearing it. Its recommended price is $70.

Kenton MIDI Controller


We announced the Kenton prototypes some months ago, and now it seems that they are available, at least the Kenton AB Mini.

The Kenton AB Mini features 9 buttons, 9 endless knobs and a joystick that allows to control up to 81 MIDI channels. The device communicates via USB and is also USB-powered. The encoders can remember the last position.

The AB Mini features a very cool design but the price has not been announced by Kenton so we’ll wait to see if it is really worth.

Marshall Pedals, Echohead, Reflector and Regenerator


Marshall increased its effects line releasing 3 new pedals, the Echohead, the Reflector and the Regenerator. The 3 pedals share the same design (cool design, by the way), the heavy-duty steel build, the robust metal jack sockets and footswitch, the 9V battery or the DC power input and that all have been made in China. The shared features by the 3 pedals are on/off switch, 2 mono inputs (expression pedal and jack), 2 stereo outputs (left/right or bypass/spill-over) and a 6–way switch to select modes.

The Marshall Echohead is a digital delay pedal that features 6 different modes (hi-fi, analogue, tape echo, multi-tap, reverse and mod filter), delay time, feedback and level knobs and 2000 ms maximum delay time.

The Marshall Reflector is a reverb pedal that features 6 different modes (hall, plate, room, spring 1, spring 2 and reverse), reverb time, damping and level knobs. The modes gives you a sound range from spacious hall to studio plate.

The Marshall Regenerator is a multi-functional modulation pedal featuring 6 different modes (vintage chorus, multi chorus, vintage flanger, phaser, step phaser, vintage vibe), speed, depth and regeneration rotary knobs.

The sample gives you a good idea of each pedal sound and I must say that I liked what I’ve heard (visit Electric Guitar Review for the samples). The 3 models’ recommended price is $119.

JVC HA-NC80 Headphones

JVC HA-NC80If you are one of the kind of people who sit and choose an album and want to hear it without any annoyances but you can’t do that on the bus, tube or while traveling on a plane. You must check the new reducing noise headphones that JVC has announced, the JVC HA-NC80.

The HA-NC80 dual headphones features 75% noise reduction, 4.9 foot cord and two modes of noise cancelling (they can be used without the noise reduction). The low mode reduces low frequency noise, usually produced by trains and buses, while wide mode reduces the not only the low frequency noise but a wider frequency sound, perfect for plane cabins.

Powered only by an AAA battery the JVC HA-NC80 will be available in December and its recommended price will be $35.

Streaming Audio Studio

StreamingaudioWhen we talk about sound recording and/or editing software, big names always come to our attention (Sonar, Pro Tools, Logic Audio, …), but some people doesn’t need this big applications (with high prices). Today we show you one little shareware application for recording, editing and converting sound, the Streaming Audio Studio.

The Streaming Audio Studio can record from different input sources (like streaming audio, live audio or digitize recordings) into different audio file types (MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, …) while monitoring the volume levels. The editing mode allows you classic editing operations (cut, copy, delete, …), undo (and redo) unlimited number of times and with easy-to-use drag and drop operations. Converter mode allows you to create many different audio type files with edited, combined or imported sounds.

A simple tool but very useful for beginners or people who don’t want difficult and hard tools. The price for the Streaming Audio Studio is $39.95.

Rees Electric Guitars F7S

Rees F7S

When you look at the credits of a famous band record you can see the gear they’ve used, that typically includes many guitars, many effects, many amps, … The many guitar parts can be changed by this studio guitar, the Rees Electric Guitars F7S. This studio guitar features a fully configurable features and easy way of changing the pickups.

The Rees F7S features mahogany body with flame maple front (you can change for an all-mahogany body), maple neck (can be disassembled for maintenance or replaced by a standard neck) and maple or rosewood fretboard, 24 frets (with configurable nut and width), 2 humbuckers and 1 single-coil, low weight (2/3 of common guitars’ weight). It’s like making a custom guitar.

The controls and pickup switch of the Rees F7S deserve a special mention, 1 volume control (final output level), 1 tone control treble-cut tone level), tone push/pull control (to configure pickups as humbuckers or as single-coil), pickup control (6 different positions from neck pickup + 1/2 bridge pickup to clean neck + clean bridge pickups) and three 3–way pickup switch (where 3 position means, 1st: off, 2nd: single-coil voice and 3rd: humbucker voice).

Of course the Rees F7S is an expensive guitar, but if you can afford it you’ll have a guitar that can be many guitars. Price starts from $3,370 (all-mahogany body) not including special options.

Diamond Pedals Halo Chorus

Halo ChorusToday we bring you a stereo effect, the Diamond Guitar Pedals Halo Chorus, a hand-made stereo chorus pedal for guitar. Diamond Guitar Pedals define it as “delay/pitch modulation/phase modulation chorus design with autoconfigurable I/O for mono, mono in/stereo out, and stereo in/stereo out operation”. It looks like a complete effect.

The main features of the Halo Chorus are possibility of combining delay or pitch modulation with phase modulation, pure sinusoidal LFO with variable speed control (can be controlled by an expression pedal), chorus pitch modulation depth control, chorus and phase modulation mix level controls and many more.

The Halo Chorus samples show that you can have from very clean and soft to almost psychedelic sounds all with a fully configurable device. Looks like a very good option for a huge range sound effect.

Halo Chorus price is $319.

Belkin TuneTalk Stereo for iPod

Tune-talk-stereoIf you thought that iPod was used only for playing music and video, you were wrong. Belkin released a iPod accessory, the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo, to record in full stereo and store it in the iPod, useful for lectures, interviews… and why not?, acoustic recordings at home, vocal recording, …

The TuneTalk Stereo features stereo recording, CD-quality audio, 2 high-quality omni-directional mics, 3.5mm stereo input for external mic, real-time adjustable gain for adjusting noise levels and it can charge while recording.

The TuneTalk Stereo looks like a very good device for little recordings, for example when you have an idea record it with an acoustic guitar and show it to your band-mates. The price is $69.99.