Gibson Les Paul BFG


Gibson has made a little re-design of its classic Les Paul with the release of the Gibson Les Paul BFG. The guitar is mainly for rock players who want a wild and raw sound.

The main innovations of this Les Paul BFG are the pickups (features a P-90 at the neck and a Burstbucker 3 Zebra humbucker in the bridge, instead of classic humbuckers), volume and tone knobs (2 volume and 1 tone instead of 2 volume and 2 tone knobs, and they are wood knobs) and pickup switch (the switch has been rewired as a kill switch and a mini-toggle has been added to control pickup selection).

Besides the innovations, the Les Paul BFG features maple top (with mahogany body), mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24.75” scale length, tune-o-matic bridge and 22 classic frets.

The Les Paul BFG is available in Trans Cherry, Trans Black and Trans Gold colors, being the black, one of the cooler finishes for a Les Paul. The price has to be announced yet but Gibson assures this guitar will made Les Paul performance available to all players. We will see.

Soundtech Lightsnake

CableIf you can’t afford a digital guitar, like the Les Paul digital, you can take a look at this new Soundtech cable. The Soundtech Lightsnake is what they name “a plug-and-play sound cable” because the cable features a built-in “soundcard”.

The Lightsnake cable features a 16 bit analog to digital converter with 48/44.1 KHz sampling rate that produces a high quality sound with very low audio loss. The 1/4” cable is jack-to-USB cable that features a led (like USB pens) that lights when sound is transmitting.

The Lightsnake cable pack includes 1/4”-to-mini-jack adaptor, drivers, user guide and a 30–day Sony Media Software trial version. The Lightsnake is compatible with Windows and Mac and its price is $39.99.

Behringer Ultralink UL2000M

UL2000M_bigIf you are one of this singers that like to move a lot around the stage but you can’t afford the expensive wireless systems, Behringer released a wireless mic for you, the Behringer Ultralink UL2000M.

The Ultralink UL2000M features a mic and a UHF receiver, up to 320 different selectable frequencies to transmit, up to 20 systems operating at the same time, absolute reliability, signal integrity even on interferenced environments. The device features a compander system to give the mic a high dynamic range and optimal SNR. You can also have 3 presets with 8 interference-free channels, perfect for crowded stages.

The most incredible thing of the Ultralink UL2000M is its very low price, for a wireless system, $249.99.

Behringer El Toro Guitar Pack

El-toro-guitar-pack_bigBehringer announced a new guitar pack, El Toro Guitar Pack is a perfect tool for beginners who want to start playing guitar. The El Toro Guitar Pack features a strato-like guitar, a 15W amp, a tuner and different accessories like 3 picks, guitar strap, high-quality guitar cable and guitar bag.

The El Toro included guitar features solid body, rosewood fretboard, maple neck, 22 frets and 2 single-coil and 1 humbucker pickups, perfect for rock or hard rock sounds.

The included amp in El Toro Guitar Pack is the V-Tone GM108 a 15W amp with a 8″ speaker that features 3 classic amp sounds, 3 speaker model simulations and 3 gain models, all combinable between them. It also features 3-band EQ, master volume control and CD input.

The Chromatic Tuner TU100 included in the pack features 7 different tuning modes, silent tuning mode, on/off and battery check LED and can be powered by a 9V battery or by DC input.

This packs are the perfect present for people who start in music world because they include everything necessary with an affordable price. El Toro Guitar Pack approximate price is $214.

Learn guitar with Virgin

If you have to fly from Heathrow and you can afford an Upper Class ticket you may be lucky, Virgin and Gibson have teamed up to offer to this kind of passengers the possibility of taking guitar lessons while waiting to board from a professional.

Pete Southern from Gibson will be giving lessons all the weekends (including Friday) from 17:00 to 21:00 at Virgin’s Heathrow Clubhouse Sky Lounge. The Virgin’s Heathrow Clubhouse is a very exclusive member club where there are pool, spa, … and now there will be some acoustic and electric guitars.

I don’t know if any of you can afford that kind of ticket (me, of course, not) and I don’t know if people who usually buy this tickets will be interested in guitar lessons.

Peace Parade Series drums

Preace-paradeIf you play in any local or (high-)school band you may take a look at the new Peace drums. The Peace Parade Series drums are lacquer finished marching drums with a huge range of colors available, now you can match your drum to your uniform colors. Image is a important thing in that kind of marches.

The Parade Series includes 2 snare drums (13” x 11” and 14” x 12”) and six 14” depth bass drums (from 18” to 28” diameter available). All models feature high-tension lugs to adjust the sound of the drum as you want and include a pair of sticks, strap, carrying bar and leg rest.

The price has to be announced yet.

Bandit, play guitar with your feet

If you ever wanted to play two guitars at the same time or play violin while playing a country song… here is Bandit. It will play chords for you. The Bandit was created by Philip Wickenden.

Bandit, more or less, works like this: with the left foot you can choose one of the 10 chords available and with the right foot you can move a pedal, that has a flywheel, that strums the guitar at your desired rhythm (alternatively playing top 2 string and the bottom 4 strings).

You can try to find Philip (in England) to see it in action or see the video. Or you can try to build your own Bandit if you want to be a one-man orchestra.

Korg K61P Controller


Korg announced that will add a new product to its K-Series of USB/MIDI Studio Controllers, the new product will be the Korg K61P. Existing models have 25 and 49 keys, this new one has 61 keys but all include a octave shifter to have a larger range of sounds.

The Korg K61P features velocity sensitive keys (4 velocity curves), assignable controllers like 2 knobs, 2 buttons, 1 slider, the mentioned octave shifter, etc. Also features pedal connection, USB port, MIDI output and DC input. Can be powered by USB or DC connections.

The Korg K61P works under Mac OS X and Windows XP and includes the M1 Le Software, K-Series editor software, drivers … Approximate price is $350.

Lakland Duck Dunn Signature Bass


Memphis bass player “Duck” Dunn, who played bass in the Blues Brothers movie and has played for almost all legendary blues musicians, has his own signature bass with Lakland. The Lakland Duck Dunn Signature Bass serie has two models US Made and Skyline.

Both models are very similar, the things that change are wood parts, tuners and nut. US Made features bone nut, quartersawn maple with graphite reinforcement bars neck, alder or swamp ash (optional) body, birdseye maple/east Indian rosewood fretboard and hipshot open back reverse gear or hipshot d-tuner (optional) tuners. Skyline model features delrin nut, flat-sawn maple neck, ash body, rosewood fretboard, and hipshot licensed or hipshot d-tuner (optional) tuners.

Both models’ features are Fralin split-coil humbucker or Dark Star (optional) pickups, volume and tone controls, Lakland dual design bridge and 34″ scale length.

Lakland Duck Dunn Skyline model and Lakland Duck Dunn US Made model prices are different depending on the features (4 or 5 strings, finishes, …) but prices start at $1,099.

Electro-Harmonix Nano Line pedals now available


Electro-Harmonix introduced in Summer NAMM 06 a new serie of analogue pedals, the Electro-Harmonix Nano Line. This pedals are a little bit smaller than other Electro-Harmonix lines.

The Nano Serie includes Pocket Metal Muff (heavy metal distortion), Small Tone (sweeping phase shifter), Clone (analog chorus), Bassballs (convert your guitar or bass sound into a vocal sound), Muff Overdrive (little funky distortion), Dr. Q (funky wah sound), LPB-1 Linear Power Booster (control gain and saturation of your amp) and Switchblade (switch between two amps, pedals, …).

Cary recommended a website to purchase any of the Electro-Harmonix Nano Line pedals, their recommended prices are Pocket Metal Muff $63.75, Small Tone $78, Clone $52.35, Bassballs $82.5, Muff Overdrive $43.35, Dr. Q $54, LPB-1 Linear Power Booster $39 and Switchblade $37.75.