Soundcraft MPM12 / MPM20


Soundcraft introduces this new mixers to its MPM (multi-purpose mixer) line, the MPM12 and the MPM20. This multi-purpose mixers are intended for live shows, studio recordings, portable PA, etc. Both models include the GB30 mic preamp.

This MPM devices features 12 or 20 mono inputs (12 inputs in model MPM12 and 20 in MPM20), 2 stereo inputs, stereo mix output, 2–track record output, 2–track replay input with level control, 3–band EQ (on mono and stereo inputs), headphone and control room outputs and the unit is rack-mountable.

The price for the MPM12 is $689 and the price for MPM20 is $899.

Cakewalk announces Sonar 6


At the end of this month (this weekend?) Cakewalk will introduce new version of Sonar, Sonar 6. This new version will have 2 modes, Sonar 6 Producer Edition and Sonar 6 Studio Edition, both models are built from the same core and with the same pristine 64-bit double precision engine.

New version’s features include active controller technology (adapts the instruments and effects parameters to your hardware), crash recovery (never loose the project you’re working on), mouse wheel support (really useful feature!), fast zoom (to edit precisely without changing anything else), project versions (save your projects with data and time stamps, easy access to old versions), etc.

Main differences about Producer Edition and Studio Edition are, Producer Edition includes Session Drummer 2 (multi-sampled drum kits, live recorded tracks and vital patterns), synth rack (an easier way to managing and controlling your instrument) and automation enhancements for read/write tracks and others.

There are also some features added to Sonar 6 that were requested by users like “Where am I?” display (color markers tells you what tracks and buses are being used), possibility of undoing insertions and deletions of plugins from track and effects, ASIO driver’s latency compensated when recording, fully customization for track controls, etc.

Sonar 6 Studio Edtition’s price will be $369 and Sonar 6 Producer Edtition’s price will be $649 for new Cakewalk customers, check your price if you already are a Cakewalk customer.

Music Gadgets’ Search Engine 2.0

We announced the Music Gadgets’ Search Engine for Firefox 1.5 yesterday and today we improved it for Firefox 2.0 (actually 2.0 RC1 users) and Internet Explorer 7 (actually IE7 RC1) users. Both browser have the possibility of adding new search providers in the extensible search box button (where the logo of the search engine is), the only thing you have to do is add the Music Gadgets Search that appears on the list.


Firefox 1.5.0.x users can still user the search engine we announced yesterday.

B-Band A1.2 / A1.2N Guitar Pickup

B-BandB-Band is currently shipping this new models of internal acoustic guitar pickup systems, the A1.2 and the A1.2N-1470. Both pickup models include preamp and reproduce the acoustic sound very clearly.

Both models include volume control (mounted on the soundhole), high quality jack output and 750 hours of battery life. They also have the possibility of being phantom powered by a 9 V battery. The model A1.2N includes special designed preamp and the A1.2N-1470 includes the 1470 AST transducer.

Both models include a mounting kit a battery holder and a wire harness. A1.2’s price is 109€ and A1.2N-1470’s price is 134€. Official B-Band shop doesn’t ship items outside Europe, so you will have to search them in a local store.

Furman Sound AR-20 II Amp Regulator


If you own an expensive amp (or non-expensive, but you want to protect it) you may take a look at Furman Sound AR-20 II amp regulator, a device to protect your amp from irregular voltage damage.

There are some places where AC is not regular as should be and voltage peaks can break your amp, or any AC powered device you use. AR-20 II will protect up to 20 devices from this voltage problems and from electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences. The AR-20 II accepts input from 97 to 141 volts and it outputs a constant 120 volts signal.

Recommended price for AR-20 II is $1,250.

Gemini iTrax Mixing Console

ItraxfrontWe talked a lot about alternatives to carrying vinyls around when you have to do a show at a club or disco, including the iDJ2. Gemini introduced a new product to its iSeries, the iTrax Mixing Console.

This device features a 2 iPod dock stations so you can select the next song in the other iPod, a really simple way to change the song in your sessions. The iTrax also features 2 line inputs, composite video output (for photo/video iPod’s), 3–band rotary EQ (gain and cut functions per channel), 1/4” mic input (with 2–band EQ), master and record RCA outputs, etc.

The recommended price for the iTrax is $150, but this isn’t an affordable device, you have to own 2 iPod’s (cheaper iPod’s are $249, so this device turns into a $650 mixing console). Another feature I’d like to see in this mixing console is iPod synchronizing to have the same music in both players. Maybe on iTrax2.

Audioskin cable organizer

AudioSkinThis is one of those really useful accessories everybody should have, a cable organizer. Audioskin offers a cable organizer in, only, four steps will join all your cables in one big cable.

It’s a really useful tool for solving cable chaos, you should look at my place. The process goes like this, put all the cables in the clip and holding the Audioskin, slide the clip. When you get the other side, remove the clip, and that’s it.

The Audioskin is 5 feet length and it’s price is $16.99.

Widi-X8 Wireless MIDI Interface

Cme_widix8_lgCME Pro recently announced this new MIDI interface, the WIDI-X8 Wireless MIDI interface. This device can transmit up to 80 meters (with obstructions) a duplex MIDI (in and out) signal at high speed with error correction powered by only 2 AA batteries.

The WIDI-X8 can operate up to 64 adapter pairs at the same time with its 64 working channels on 2.4GHz ISM license-free band. It features USB and MIDI ports with three modes selectable (USB RF, MIDI RF and USB MIDI). Works on Windows XP and Mac OS X (I suppose if the USB is really standard, it will work on other Windows versions and Linux too).

The WIDI-X8 is available and its recommended price is $229.

Carvin Icon IC5S


Carvin released a new product of Icon bass series, the Icon IC5S, a 5–string comfortable bass, as part of the 60th Anniversary celebration. This bass features a high playability and good tone for bass players who search an instrument with a huge, but high quality, range of sounds.

The Icon IC5S features alder body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, Hipshot A-style bridge, 2 Carvin Soap Bar humbuckers, 18v active/passive electronics and 34” scale length.

The Icon IC5S is available in flame maple and figured walnut top, in fretless, p-series and p-series fretless modes and in a lot of colors. Its price is $1,169.