Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior

Gibson announces the Billie Joe Amstrong Les Paul Junior designed by Billie Joe itself and Gibson. Is based on the original 1956 Les Paul Junior owned by Billie Joe.

Features mahogany body and neck rosewood fingerboard (ebony on classic white model), 24.75” scale length, non-compensated wraparound bridge, H-90 stacked double coil pickup, one volume and one tone knobs.

The Billie Joe Amstrong Les Paul Junior will be available in classic white, ebony and vintage Sunburst and its price will be $2,169.

SBM Custom Build Guitars


Scott MacDonald is the man behind SBM Custom Build Guitars which guitars are hand made by Scott and his process to complete the guitars lasts up to 24 months (with acoustic guitars, electric lasts up to 6 months). He makes the guitars in his big and climate-controlled workshop.

11 years before Scott was working in ad industry and repaired instruments as a hobby, now repairs up to 300 and builds up to 15 guitars a year. Some of his guitars are made from domestically grown wood and he makes a water-based finish for the guitars without using chemicals.

At SBM Custom Build Guitars, Scott is authorized restorer for Martin, Fender, Taylor and Guild and the price of his custom build guitars goes, electric guitars, from $1,800 to $2,500, and acoustic guitars, from $2,750 to $4,000. At his official site you can see photos of his designs.

Kustom Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Amps


Kustom wants to celebrate its 40th anniversary releasing two series of limited edition amps, the 40th Anniversary Coupe and the ‘66 DART. Both series have a cool stripe design and are available in different formats.

40th Anniversary Coupe serie amps will be available in 1×12 (36 W), 2×12 (72 W) and 2×10 (36 W) and are based on ‘36 Coupe and ‘72 Coupe. ‘66 DART serie amps feature full 3–band EQ, an external cabinet output, analog reverb and delay effects.

I suppose the price will be very high because there will be only 40 units of each model.

Elixir Guitar Strings with useful tool


Now when you buy 9/10 Elixir strings in some parts of Europe you’ll get a free multi-tool to do easier all the tasks when changing the strings of your guitar.

The multi-tool includes needle nose pliers, slot-in winder, string cutter, screwdriver, 4 allen keys (different sizes) and belt case. It’s a really great offer because I use Elixir strings and although they are more expensive than other I think they are high quality strings, and this tool is a very useful thing for guitar players who can’t afford a guitar tech (almost everyone).

The recommended price for this set is $35, if you can’t find it in you local stores you may try on Internet shops or eBay.

Epiphone Music Rising Les Paul


One year after the disaster caused by Katrina hurricane, New Orleans hasn’t recovered yet. The city is looking for tourist who help it to recover the before Katrina city state. Music Rising (the charitable organization of The Egde, Bob Erzin, and Henry Juszkiewicz) and Epiphone wants to raise funds to help New Orleans musicians, that were a important part of the city, to get musical instruments and gear by releasing this Epiphone model, the Music Rising Les Paul.

The guitar is a Les Paul Standard model, that includes mahogany body & neck, rosewood fretboard, Alnico classic humbuckers among others, with Music Rising logo and comes with a Music Rising gig back.

The Epiphone Music Rising Les Paul can be purchased only at MusiciansFriend and its price is $599.99.

Yamaha CLP-F01 Slimline Clavinova

CLPF01PE_Ebony_MainDigital piano is an instrument that doesn’t appear here many times and we’re sorry for that. Yamaha released a new model from Clavinova serie called CLP-F01 Slimline Clavinova. It’s a really small digital piano but with a really fine design, perfect for small places, and a high sound quality.

Main features are 88 wood keys (where you can choose between hard, medium, soft and fixed touch sensitivity), 3 AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) Stereo Sampling technology (adjust the level of the sound to the player’s touch) and 30 banks of sound presets.

The CLP-F01 Slimline Clavinova includes a built–in 40 watt sound system, metronome and output ports to connect it to a computer. It’s available in 4 finishes: polished orange, polished ebony, polished blue and polished red and its approximate price is $5,000.

Zoom G1

G1_06Another pedal for today, this introduced by Zoom, it’s a DSP unit and it’s called Zoom G1. It’s a small device, maybe to play at house or small clubs.

Features 21 different amp/stompbox sounds, 54 high-quality effects (in 8 effect modules), 40 factory and 40 user presets, a built-in PCM drum machine and a built-in auto-chromatic tuner.

Emulated amps include vintage Fender, Marshall and Vox, and modern Mesa Boogie, Peavey and Diezel. The 8 effect modules, included by Zoom G1, are: compressors, drive, EQ, ZNR/amp, mod, delay and reverb.

Includes a AC/DC adaptor, but it can also work with batteries (up to 12 hours), and it’s recommended price is $59.

Digitech RP150, RP250 and RP350


This year’s Summer NAMM Digitech introduced not only the Brian May Signature pedal but also introduced 3 low-price DSP units that, I think, can compete with other devices like POD or V-Amp.

The units, RP150, RP250 and RP350 include many different tone and effect models like distortion, wah, compressor, chorus, flanger, tremolo, reverb, preamps, cabinets, amps, etc. Also includes the possibility of emulate single-coil or humbucker pickups.

The main differences between them are the number of effects and tone included in each one (RP150 has less than RP250 that has less than RP350, well, I think you caught it) and RP150 doesn’t come with a expression pedal and RP350 includes a bank selector.

All models have tone and effects knob selector and effect and master level, but RP350 also comes with amp gain and amp level knobs.

The recommended price of the units are $99.95 for RP150, $149.95 for RP250 and $199.95 for RP350. You can see a comparison chart here.

E-MU XBoard 61


There are lots of MIDI controllers available on the market, but E-MU, owned by Creative, XBoard 61 has, in my opinion, a great feature. The feature is called snap shot and allows the user to send multiple changes of values or programs at the same time only pushing one button. I think this snap shot feature can be specially good for live shows where you must change the configuration of the sound within a second.

Besides the snap shot, the XBoard 61 includes 61 keys (with aftertouch), 16 programmable knobs, 16 program change buttons and latch mode that allows to program some keys as sound/rhythm triggers.

The XBoard 61’s price is $249.99.

Rain Recording Event Digital Media Workstation


Barebone PC’s have gained a lot of popularity lately, because they are small, can play music, videos, TV, … But, usually, this computers are useless for musicians because the quality of the soundcards are not like the professional ones (although you can expand the computer with one of them).

Rain Recording released a portable media center computer, called Event (reminds me a lot of Mac mini) that is just like a barebone computer but small-sized. The specification of the Event shows that is a full equipped barebone but if you want to do professional quality audio work you need to connect a external USB/Firewire sound card.

I’d like to see a real professional audio quality computer at this size, but for now this is what we have. Event’s price is $1,595.95, I think you can find something similar at lower price (maybe bigger).